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About this mod

A new gun!
But it is not a beautiful.

Permissions and credits
This MOD uses the animation of "Grab the Damn Mag" by MonkSS and  "Right-handed Nukaworld AK Replacer" by Hitman 47101.
I thank them for giving me permission.
Thank you!

Change log

Fixed a bug that animations of Combat Rifle and Pipe Submachine gun may not work correctly.

Armalite Rifle, Howa Rifle, Daewoo Rifle added.

Add Institute Pistol & Throw Knife
Institute pistol you will be able to get it from Institute's weapon Vendor.
Throwing knives can be created in the grenade category of chem station.
The folding stock of the institute pistol is expanded by aiming.
(notice: If you carry more than one Institute Pistol, this gimmick will be canceled.)

Add Armaliterifle & Calico

4 new guns, a new extension for two kinds of vanilla weapons will be added.
A Crude sub machine gun and a pistol made of iron pipe suitable for post apocalypse
A new looking receiver for the vanilla pipe pistol for pipe-gun fan!
Various options on combat rifle,  pistol grip and straight stock,  under barrel shotgun to rifle grenade, etc etc...
You will now have a combat rifle that is truly suitable for "Military" Combat Rifles.

You take it away from Raiders and Gunner Or purchase in Diamond City Market.
if you want to retrieve it at the console command.

Player.additem xx000f9b   Military Combat Rifle (Pistol grip vanilla combat rifle)
Player.additem xx000fe9   Pipegun (New receiver vanilla pipegun)
Player.additem xx000feb   Junk Pistol
Player.additem xx000fec   Pipe Submachine Gun

xx =  mod id

Known Issues

- You can not use rifles, grenades or under barrel shotguns when you have multiple combat rifles.
  if you use rifle grenades, bring a single combat rifle and Let's bring extra guns to our Companions.

-The combat rifle has three types of receivers (receiver for rifles, receivers for sub machine guns, LargeCaliber (shotgun, 50 cal) receiver).
         Each receiver has its own magazine.
         If you have multiple receivers of different types (such as SMG and rifle) at the same time, either gun magazine will not be customizable.
         In that case, solve by storing either type in a container or workshop.

- There is no animation for under barrel.


Please uninstall the weapons you got with this mod from your belongings.
The enemies equipped with weapons of this mod are temporarily unarmed.
They will search for other weapons or will challenge the fight with fists....
But there is no problem because it will respawn with another weapon the next time he is respawn

This mod is Free Resouce. (However, animation files are not created by me, so they are excluded)
Please use freely if there is something you want to use when making mod.
There is also a source of Script used in RifleGrenade and UnderBarrelShotgun as an option of the file.
You can use it as it is, you can reference it or improve it.
Please tell me if you come up with a better idea for the script.
It may be difficult to understand, but how to use may be understood by
viewing my mod with Creationkit. Since "zzz" is always attached to the
beginning of ID, I think that it is easy to search with Creation kit.
Script does not use SKSE so as to work with XBOXONE, it is written only with Papyrus.