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Allows you to configure power armor drain and more with MCM

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Update 6/5/18  - Now Includes MCM Support!

Version 2.3 has been released!  This mod now includes MCM support and allows you to do the following (only for the player):
  • Change overall fusion core drain
  • Change power core drain on impact landing
  • Change power armor incoming damage multiplier (optional, only used if you change the setting in MCM)
  • Change power armor carry weight bonus, run speed, and jump height
  • Change jetpack usage and thrust options
  • !New! Add additional health or AP when in power armor
  • More to come!  Open to suggestions

Version 2.0 and above will require both f4se and MCM.

This mod only affects the player.  No NPC power armor values have been changed.

Check out these awesome spotlight videos for the mod!  Thanks to all the video creators. Keep in mind these are quite old, and if anyone does an updated video I will gladly post it.


This mod allows you to change how quickly power armor fusion cores drain.  There are several options, and keep on the lookout for the

If you choose No Drain, the suit still has to have a core.

-New!-  There is a new option for 75% drain in version 1.5

-New!-  There are 2 new options, for 5% drain and 1% drain.  These correlate to a 95% reduction, and 99% reduction.  


-New!-  There is one more new option called 'Balanced Fusion Core Drain'.  This is what I consider to be a balanced setup that is realistic for these cores.  It reduces jetpack use to 50%, 5% of normal power draw for running, and 10% of normal for action point usage.   This makes it to where you can easily get around without having to worry about core drain, however jetpack usage is still fairly heavy.  (That's a 95% reduction for running, and 90% for action points.)

-New!-  There are new options!  The main download now contains a 'No Movement Drain' Option that removes all movement power drain, and reduces jetpack use by 50%.  Also a new file that contains options for increasing the Power Drain.  Both by request!  Thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming.


-New!-  There are now several options for power armor drain.  No drain, 10% power usage, 25% usage, and 50% usage.  The download contains all files, please choose ONLY ONE!!

Note that 10% power usage means that the power armor will now only use 10% power compared to vanilla.  So 50% cuts it in half, and 25% is 1/4 of the power draw.  The lower the percentage, the longer the fusion cores will last.


As of version 1.6, there is a scripted installer included for NMM support.  Just choose the option you want on install.


1. Unzip your preferred .esp from the downloaded file into Fallout4/Data/.  Copy over Scripts/ and MCM/ as well.

2.  In %Appdata%/local/Fallout4 edit plugins.txt (Most likely C:/Users/--user--/AppData/Local/Fallout4) - AppData is a hidden folder!

Add the filename (including .esp) of the esp you added to /Data/ to the end of the plugins.txt file as a new line!!  Save the file, and set as read-only if you are experiencing issues.  (The ini change below in step 3 should mean that you don't have to set this as read-only)

# This file is used by Fallout4 to keep track of your downloaded content.
# Please do not modify this file.
No Fusion Core Drain.esp

3. Ensure your game is ready for modding: http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Fallout_4_Mod_Installation

4.  Launch the game!

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