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Replaces the Combat Rifle and Assault Rifle with DeadPool2099's Service Rifle.

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Mysterious Weapon Replacers
Because You Asked Nicely :D

This mod completely replaces the vanilla Combat Rifle and Assault Rifle with DeadPool2099's remade Service Rifle.

The Combat Rifle becomes the Service Rifle; featuring wood furniture and functioning roughly analogue to Fallout: New Vegas' same-named weapon. The platform is similar to the M16A1 of real-world fame, and functions best as a mid-range, primary weapon for Sole Survivors with a steady aim.

Epic versions of the Service Rifle are equivilant to an upgraded FNV weapon, including the reflex sight (FNV cut content) and a forged receiver. Epic sniper rifles manifest as a gorgeous designated marksman rifle; that can hit targets at an astounding range. I recommend Rifleman Increased Range by OPTWood; as the scope actually zooms way past the rifle's actual range otherwise. :P

The Assault Rifle becomes the Assault Carbine; featuring a polymer foregrip and telescopic stock, similar to Fallout: New Vegas' own Assault Carbine; and the real-world CAR-15 and Colt Commando. It functions better at close quarters, and as a personal defense weapon.

Epic versions of the Assault Carbine likewise feature forged receivers and reflex sights. Sniper variants are similar, but with a medium scope.

No Cheese!

This mod doesn't allow you a way of cheesing Marksman parts otherwise gated behind the Guns and Bullets magazine from the original Service Rifle mod. Likewise, there are limitations. The replacers do not accept stickers, or weapon paints. If you want those, you're just going to have to find one of the original mod's rifles.

Other Details

This mod edits Super Mutant leveled lists; specifically LLI_Supermutant_Autorifle, and LLI_Supermutant_Autorifle_Boss. Instead of assault rifles, they will now use automatic laser rifles; which can possibly effect game balance. This is necessary, as Super Mutants cannot use weapons with custom animations. No other leveled lists have been touched.

Also, I fixed a typo in the original mod. I figured, why not. :D

Why Make This?

Because I think Fallout 4's weapons really just suck. :/ I mean, they got rid of a pragmatic weapon like the R91, and replaced it with a bizarre, watercooled machine gun... thing. It's cases like that where canon is just plain silly, and I can't take it seriously.