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LooksMenu face Preset for my character 'Sarah'

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A LooksMenu Preset for my Sole Survivor 'Sarah'. Forgot to give her a last name so she's just 'Sarah'. =P

Short lore of 'Sarah':

A southern lady who came to Massachusetts commonwealth for a change of scenery in her twenties, she worked in retail & banking for few years but got fed up with it and went to university to study law. Sarah met Nate on his leave from the army, they had few dates and got married soon after. She graduated as a lawyer with near full marks and gave birth to Shaun. After Nate was discharged from the army the new family moved to Sanctuary. In October '77 Sarah was about to start practicing law for real when shit hit the fan and she became a Popsicle in Vault 111 along with her family. Years passed in the freezer and at some point Shaun got taken and Nate was killed, after years she thawed out to see that the world had gone from shit to radioactive shit. This revelation combined with lost of her husband & child made her into a prickly cynic on a mission to get her baby back, though her helpful nature and sense of justice were still strong. Has just about had enough of everyone's bullshit and will get snarky/violent easily if rubbed the wrong way. Not the best general for the Minutemen but got the job done. "Raiders are scum and Gunners are just Raiders with better armor." Most of the time she keeps pushing on, trying to make the future less shit for everyone, but at times she reminisces of the old world.

No extra requirements (apart from LooksMenu & F4SE, obviously). Install with a mod manager or drop .json to \steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\F4SE\Plugins\F4EE\Presets\, whatever floats your boat. Fire up Fallout 4 (via F4SE, naturally) and open LooksMenu either through surgery chair or console.

I think I had CBBE Curvy as the body preset if that matters.