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A new Piece of Clothing that resembles one Part of the Fenrir Faction iam building at the moment. Its also a Mashup of different Pieces. Belongs to the Subfaction " Committee of 300 " . Faction Video included in the Media Section of the Mod. Bodyslide Support included.

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This Mod has no Requirements. Bodyslide Support included. If you like the Clothing, pls check the Faction Story Video! More Armors / Clothings coming in the next Days.

The following Story explains the History of the " Order of Fenrir " Faction. This piece of Clothing belongs to that Faction ( Storywise )

Big new Faction Mod coming by the End of the Year.

Order of the Fenrir was formed from the amalgamation of The Committee of 300 and the Valhallaorden, orchestrated by the NWO ( New World Order ).

Pre war History:
Prior to the bombs dropping the Valhallaorden was working with interdimensional technologies. Initial tests proved promising however one test opened to a version of earth over run with escaped mutated deathclaws. Some of these deathclaws made it through the portal into the fallout reality and while most were contained, some were never found. This would prove to be of little consequence as the bombs would fall less than a month later and the remains of these non-native death claws would later be found near the original test site. Less than a week prior to the bombing, the secretive NWO ( New World Order ) warned the Valhallaorden that nuclear war was inevitable and they should prepare their population as they would be needed to rebuild the world. The Valhallaorden took refuge in their bunkers before the first bombs dropped, saving a portion of the Finnish population. The Committee of 300 on the other hand had faded into obscurity after World War 2, fearing the loss of yet another member. They spread throughout the world, gaining power and influence. However, in the months leading up to the bombing, they gathered their wealth and themselves together in secret bunkers in Germany, awaiting the inevitability they had predicted.

The Bombs drop:
At first the Valhallaorden and the Committee were unaware of each other. However, their bunkers were connected via wireless communication thanks to the NWO, who were safe in their own bunker. For the remainder of their time underground, the Valhallaorden worked to improve their interdimensional technology.

Emergence, the surface and the birth of Fenrir:
Prior to returning to the surface, the Valhallaorden, Committee of 300 and NWO all agreed that it would be better to create a new organisation on the surface. This was to hide the fact that old world organisations had survived the blast intact, reducing the risk of raiding.  Fenrir, later the Order of Fenrir was born. Created to mimic the structure of a private military company, Fenrir was used in all surface operations where muscle was needed. If infiltration was required, a Committee operative would be sent in under the guise of a Fenrir Agent.

Dimensional Raiding and the Many Worlds Theory:
A metaphysist from Valhallaorden theorised that due to the infinite number of alternate dimensions that theoretically existed, there would be an earth that had everything that humans would need to rebuild to the state they were in prior to the bombs dropping. At first the plan was to locate a suitable world and remove the population. However, due to manpower shortages, this was deemed too dangerous. Dimensional incursions would continue with the committee sending agents in to sway people in positions of power on advanced worlds. On less developed worlds, Fenrir would be sent in. Over time a world with no humans but an abundance of wildlife similar to the late 1950’s was found and a new plan was formed. This plan called for the construction of massive space stations that would be used to swap the irradiated earth of the prime universe with this pristine earth. This would require advanced technologies and more resources than one earth could spare. Due to this the temporal incursions would increase. Along the way alternate versions of the Fenrir group were found, some on the verge of destruction. These doomed groups were rescued and absorbed into the prime Fenrir group. Because of this they rarely recruit from the wasteland and they have minimal training time, though they do take on waste landers from time to time.

The “Other” Plan:
Anyone not in the loop about the plan to replace earth has been told that the Valhallaorden is working on a state of the art terraformer. This was at one point true; however it was deemed that earth was beyond even the best known terraforming technology. The terraformer was converted into a cover story as it expected that some wastelanders could die due to location differences (places that are flat on this earth could be ravines on the selected earth). However the Fenrir group sees this as required for the greater good.

Future Plans

- Maybe different Color Variations.


Author - xxvvxx
Script - kitcat81
Editor - Geekstreek
Editor - kkthebeast
Jacket - Ellise
Jeans - Gamoholic and SleepWalking
Shoes - K Girls Mod