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STRAC Hats for an elite Lone Survivor. Converts the Field Scribe Hat, the Gray Knit Cap, and the Military Cap from shabby to sharp. Adds Atom Cats, BOS, Institute, Minutemen, Gunners, Raiders, USA, and Vault Tec variants of the Military Cap, with distinctive flashes and colors, craftable at the chem station. AWKCR and non-AWKCR versions.

Permissions and credits

STRAC Hats converts the Field Scribe Hat, the Gray Knit Cap, and the Military Cap to be high-speed, low-drag headwear.  It also adds Atom Cats, BOS, Institute, Minutemen, Gunners, Raiders, USA, and Vault Tec distinctive flashes and color variants for the Military Cap, craftable at the chem station.  All hats are for both male and female characters.

I’ve always been disappointed in Bethesda’s rendition of the Field Scribe Hat and the Gray Knit Cap.  When I first played the game, I thought they looked like promising loot, but when I put them on my character they looked… sad. I didn’t know how to do anything about it at the time, but with the experience I’ve gained making Classy Chassis Outfitter, I recently realized I can FIX them.  So I took a break from making sexy outfits and did it.  Here are the hats the way they should have always been, replacing their vanilla counterparts in-game.

While I was at it, I also upgraded the Military Cap.  (Cap?  It’s a beret.)  I refined the mesh and added factional flashes that you can craft at the chem station.  I used scripts to inject them into leveled lists, too, so you will find them on some NPCs and in a few containers.  I also replaced Ronnie’s beret with a flashed one, because it seemed the obvious thing to do.  All of the Military Cap meshes have been replaced in-game.  The generic ones just don’t have flashes.

Please also check out my Classy Chassis Outfitter mods:
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“So okay, I give up, what does ‘STRAC’ mean?”




Download and install the main file with Vortex.  If you don't use AWKCR, next download the No-AWKCR Patch and paste it into your Data folder.  Vortex may detect the change and ask you if you want to confirm or revert.  Confirm.

Use the chem station's STRAC Hats menu to craft flashed berets.  I didn’t mess with scrap recipes to make them yield anything when scrapped, so they only cost one cloth to build.  They require Armorer Perk Level I to craft.  All of the hats can be modified at the Armor workbench to add miscellaneous linings, legendary effects, and ballistic weave.


This mod does not require any DLC, but it is compatible with all of them.

The current version removes the former dependency on Armorsmith Extended while adding additional beret variants.  I've left the old version on the Files page for those who really want to use Armorsmith, but it doesn't include any of the new options.

STRAC Hats will conflict with any mod that changes the same CK objects.  In particular, it will conflict with any mod that changes these three hats or Ronnie’s outfit, and the flashed beret may not show up on Ronnie if you’ve already met her.


I created all of these meshes and textures by hand using Bethesda meshes and open source images. Inevitably, it seems, I make errors.  If you find bugs, please post them at the Bugs tab.  I've tested for hair clipping, but I don't guarantee it won't ever occur.

Please also check out my other mods.  You can see glimpses of some Classy Chassis outfits in the screenshots.


- To Bethesda for another magnificent game.
- To Caliente and Ousnius for Outfit Studio, and to the developers of Blender and NifSkope.  These three tools enabled me to take vanilla meshes and modify them into what you see here.
- To jonwd7 for the B.A.E. - Bethesda Archive Extractor that opened up Bethesda's files for me.
- To a_blind_man for his Leveled List Injection Toolbox, which allowed me to put berets in NPC inventories without conflicting with other mods.


You may never sell any of my assets, however modified, ever.  You may not republish or reuse any of my assets in another mod without permission.  PM me for permission.  If I don't respond within 30 days, then you may assume that I approve.  Other authors using STRAC Hats assets:
Zactan1234 uses my beret models, but spices them up with a variety of colors and Minutemen insignia in Militarized Minutemen  - Uniforms, Patches and Insignia Add-on.


As usual, I'm not the first one to have a go at this sort of thing.  Other Nexus mods that change these hats include:
- Hats with Hair by ONIXer, which adds hair to the Gray Knit Cap but retains its over-the-ears look.
- Hoodless BOS Field Scribe's Hat by Bordraw, which removes the pesky hood from the Field Scribe hat, but doesn’t otherwise change it’s shape.
- Faction Berets - Represent Your Side by QueenSasha24, which adds factional textures to the beret, but doesn’t noticeably change the mesh.
- Minutemen Beret – Standalone by kwn2k, which also adds some flashes by changing textures, similar to QueenSasha24’s mod.
- Military Beret - Re-Colors by DanteMcGee, which adds berets in blue, green, red, and tan, plus BMXNinja’s White Military Cap (cream beret), all of which are included in Armorsmith Extended.