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Fight in a arena that exists completely in your own mind! Walk out with less ammo and more caps!
Access the arena via building a VR Lounger at any settlement.

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Vault-Tec is proud to present to you, the S.T.A.T.S. program - that's Simulated Tactical Arena Training Scenario!
We at Vault-Tec know that the world after the bombs might not be the safest place, but with the help of STATS you'll be a veteran combatant in no time!

This mod places a "VR Lounger" in the Settlement system under Power -> Misc. Sitting in the lounger will give you the choice of entering the arena, or not. But really, you're going to enter the arena. Once in the arena, you'll note a terminal to the left and a box to the right. The box will contain your reward after a match, but we'll get back to that later.
The Terminal is the important bit. Here you'll have the option to exit the arena, start a match, and select how many opponents you'll face, and their type. Choose from Raiders, Gunners, Synths, BoS, Feral Ghouls, or Deathclaws.
Your Reward? Caps. Upon killing an opponent, a number of caps equal to the value of items that opponent had will be deposited in the box. Thus fighting Ferals won't be very profitable, but fighting the BoS will be VERY profitable.
Exiting the simulation will return you to the Lounger that you entered from. Also, someone disabled the simulation's safeties. Dying would be fatal.

Oh, and any ammo used will stay used. It'd be a lot of work to restore ammo when you exit the arena. Mainly because I'd have to take other mods into account. Which is a hassle I don't feel like dealing with at this time.

Right. If you can't figure out this bit on your own, why are you even attempting to use mods? Sorry.

-Boss Fight. You know, Behemoths & Liberty Prime.
-At some point, I'll make it restore ammo. If I do so, I'll probably end up nerfing the rewards though. They can get quite high.
-More opponent types. Garvey? Yeah. Definitely Garvey.