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Find more junk in containers and at vendors with increases to your Scrapper Perk.

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If you're like me, you take the Scrapper Perk every playthrough.  It just seems necessary.  This mod adds a little something to the Perk.  Like Fortune Finder and Scrounger, the Scrapper perk now affects what you find in containers.  I actually find it a little more logical than those other perks, as I'm often finding caps and ammo in completely illogical places.  Junk, though, is universal.  Abraxo cleaner should be everywhere.  I've made an effort to keep the loot reasonable for the size of the container as well.

The perk also now increases the Junk available from General Store-type traders, such as Trashcan Carla and Diamond City Surplus.

The only other mods I found on Nexus that alter the Scrapper Perk affect the glow distance from Scrapper 2.  People seem to love it or hate it.  Loaded after one of those mods, it would cancel it out.  So I have uploaded three versions of this mod.  The Vanilla version has the same glow as before.  Then there is a "No Glow" version, which removes it completely, and a "10X Glow" version which vastly increases the distance at which you can see the containers and junk. 

For now, this mod requires Far Harbor, as that DLC comes with a third rank of the Perk, and I have distributed the additional junk over the three levels.  It works really well, but if there is a demand, I will make a Vanilla-only version.