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A vault that has been long forgotten sits in the glowing sea, once highly populated and full of life, it now shares the same fate as many other vaults across the country. Riots broke out, and the residents rose above the power of the Overseer. Explore the Lost Vault, and discover it's secrets.

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The Lost Vault is a vault deep within the glowing sea. It was state of the art, planned to have features and technology no other vaults across America were to have. Due to it's size, the construction of the vault was not completed in time, but it was luckily in a livable state for those lucky enough to be inside when the bombs fell. Things eventually went south after years of wear and tear. Residents were fed lies, and once the radiation started seeping in, their perfect world started to crumble. Explore the story of the Lost Vault, and discover what happened in the once bustling halls.

Q: Why has the project taken so long to release?
A: That's a tough one. Many things factor in. For starters, I do have a life outside of modding which I must attend. I also had other project I wanted to complete while this was in development, so that slowed things down. I think ultimately I wanted to make sure things were done well, and didn't feel rushed. I originally never intended to release this mod, and the first screenshots I released were just me screwing around in the CK, but once JuiceHead picked it up, I was motivated to make something of it.
Q: Is 117 a halo reference?
A: No, surprisingly, this was the vault number voted on by the community, and it fits in to canon perfectly, so that's the number I went with.
Q: What should I expect going in to this mod?
A: I tried to make this mod blend with the vanilla game as well as possible, while still making it feel unique to explore. This mod is purely exploratory, and is meant to add a bit of lore to the game. I thought that a vault in the glowing sea was a huge missed opportunity from Bethesda, so I tried to fill in the gaps. It shouldn't take more than half an hour to explore.
Q: Why does the vault door not function like the others in Fallout 4?
A: Unfortunately, with the way I wanted the vault to be designed, I don't think it's possible to have it function in the conventional way, so I bypassed this by making the panel a door to the vault. 
Q: Is there any unique items to be obtained?
A: Nothing that stands out. There's a new chem, some vanilla armor variants, and a hazmat suit. If anyone would like to give me a custom weapon to throw in the mod for more incentive to explore, I'd be more than happy to include it.
Q: Is there navmeshing?
A: In short, yes. A longer answer would be, the interior is fully navmeshed, by hand, but the exterior areas aren't for the sole fearing of screwing something up in the outside world. I might update this at a later date, but by all means companions and enemies will properly navigate the vault.
Q: Is this compatible with 'x'?
A: Should be compatible with most mods. Yes, even South of the Sea. Only thing I'd worry about, is flora mods. Depending on your load order and other factors, the tree's in the vaults atrium may be overwritten, and it wouldn't be too immersive to walk in on some nice lush trees!

Drag the contents of "The Lost Vault" into your Fallout 4 folder. If you're a Steam user, your data folder should be located here: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4.

Gym Floors by Cancerous1

Hanging Skeletons by Impulseman45

Feral Vault Suit by Hopper31

Feral Vault Suit Security by Hopper31

Feral Vault Hazmat Suit Security by Hopper31

Vault-Tec Jumpsuit Logo by nitronizer

Lighting help by ScottyX2

Cubemap by ajhakra
Programs Used
- Bodyslide/Outfit Studio
- Creation Kit
- Paint.Net
- Photoshop