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A dungeon mod with small questline, this mod takes the player through the headquarters of Radium-Inc., a company which made radium-infused products.

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Narrative Description
Introducing: Radium-Inc.! Radium-Inc. is the United States' premier manufacturer of radium-infused products. Our line includes, but is not limited to, Radium-Inc. cameras, toy trucks, teddy bears, toy rockets, soap, and toothpaste. Stop by our headquarters in the Dartmouth Professional Building to take a tour of our facility; also, for a limited time only, selected customers have been sent a promotional token in the mail. Bring yours along for a free Radium-Inc. product. Radium-Inc., bringing the magic of the nuclear age, into your home!

Regular Description
Radium-Inc. adds a new dungeon area for the player to explore Radium-Inc.'s Headquarters and Research and Development. There they will encounter the company's artificial intelligence, the Radium-Inc Computer Aided Administration System. There the player can investigate the operations of the company and find out what secret the company's founder was hiding. Just head to the Dartmouth Professional Building and take the elevator up to begin the mod. If you don't find a token at random, one can be found on the Chief Accountant's desk upstairs in the Headquarters building.
As well as adding a dungeon, the mod distributes Radium-Inc. products around the Commonwealth. These can be found at random in containers or in people's inventories, sometimes just lying around. Any Radium-Inc products are a great source of nuclear material.

Compatibility and Requirements
The mod only requires the base game to play. The mod changes the broken elevator in the Dartmouth Professional Building so any mod which makes major changes to that interior may cause conflicts. In addition it makes some additions to a log cabin to the south, near the Scrap Palace.

Radium-Inc Computer-Aided Administration System: Paul Warren,
Interior updates: Supernath97

I've included both the loose files and the archives, I always include loose files so people can see how the mod is put together if they want to. Put either the loose files all the archives, along with the .esp, into your fallout4/data folder then activate the .esp with your mod manager of choice.