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Do you just hate yourself? Want something that no one asked for? Well you're in luck, this adds in a hybrid creature based on the same concept as the dreaded Cazaclaw from New Vegas; the fearsome Deathwing

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This mod adds in a hybrid Deathclaw + Stingwing, the Deathwing (or Stingclaw if you want to call it that).

Deathwings will start spawning around level 36, and can appear anywhere a regular Deathclaw can. Stat and behavior wise they are pretty much the same as normal Deathclaws, but have 200 poison resistance, more damage and energy resistance, move up to 50% faster, and deal poison damage that scales up with their level. And in addition, they are also in the Stingwing faction, so normal Stingwings will leave them alone.


Honestly? It's because no one else had done it yet. I initially did something like this last year, but never really considered releasing it until earlier today when I was struck with inspiration for it.


Russian Version translated by vwtrotsky.

Feel free to use the model in anything, just let me know.