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A simple audio mod that replaces the Sentry, Protectron and Assaultron audio voice files, with audio from the 'Drones' in the 2013 Oblivion film. Compatible with any mods excluding ones that edit the same .fuz files for the Sentry, Protectron and Assaultron audio voice files.

Now incorporating Autromatron DLC, Swarmbots still WIP

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General overview
This is a WIP mod that fully replaces all the combat and non-dialogue audio for the Sentry bot NPC's, Protectron NPC's and Assaultron NPC's; and i hope will soon include full incorporation of the Automatron DLC, Mr Gutsy and Mr Handy models in due course.

I have made over 40+ unique sound files that i have used to cover all non-dialogue audio for the Sentry, Protectron and Assaultron with the infamous 'Drone' sounds of Oblivion. This will create a whole new appreciation and fear for these NPC's as they take on a whole new life and intimidating character.

I have left unique characters alone regarding dialogue to ensure this does not break quests, immersion or cause conflicts with dialogue. As this is my first ever mod, any bugs or feedback to improve will be greatly appreciated. 

Now incorporating Autromatron DLC - still WIP. 

Current Robots covered:
- Vanilla and companion Sentry bots.
- Vanilla and companion Assaultrons.
- Vanilla and companion Protectrons.
- Automatron DLC Mechanist Eyebots -  WIP refer to progress report.

Progress report
Have located all the sounds files finally for all the Automatron DLC units! *cheers* They are in a different format so will take longer to edit, however around work I should be able to issue a complete update to include all Automatron swarm bots once I have the time to complete my mod. A later patch will contain all the NPC'S of the Automatron DLC by fully covering all the swarmbot NPCs.

I may add a version that is optional to also cover Mr Handy robots, however I will not include this in any main files due to extensive Mr Handy dialogue and my unwillingness to break any quest audio.

Installation instrucitons
1) Install with NMM :


1) navigate to your fallout 4 directory. 
2) navigate to the Fallout 4 Install directory
3) Drag the Data folder, merge and click yes if any window pop-ups appear
4) Enjoy

All mentioned NPC's are changed and any robot companions using the appropiate robot NPC voice also feature the replaced audio.
Video example: