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Home sweet... castle.

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She can be voiced if you own Skyrim Dawnguard get the voice dialogue from there 

1.02 new face Preset for Sophie that i got permission for.


Ponytail Hairstyles 

Background story 

She Kellogg's Daughter but her father treated her like crap in her childhood so she was sent to the castle and Ronnie Shaw trained her and cared for her like a mother she didn't have and hope to get revenge from her father when the player hire her as a companion.  


The Castle

Tutorial how to make her voiced.

open the esp in creation kit 

make a sub directory for the wav only voice files in /Sound/Voice/Hannah.esp/NPCFSophie in your fallout 4 data 

use the Lazy Voice Finder for skyrim and put in the dialogue from my quest ComSophie from the fallout 4 creation kit 

put the only wav files in the folder you created once you done that 

close the creation kit and use the 32bit creation kit in tools where you find the fallout4.exe is

then you can start lip syncing each of the wav files