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Become The God Of The Wasteland With "Victory Gear 1_0".

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Fallout 4
Far Harbor DLC
Exterior Vault 111. Refer To Enclosed Screenshot For Exact Location.
Install With Mod Manager Of Choice (MO2, NMM, Etc.) Or Unzip File With Zip/Unzip Tool (7Zip or Whatever Program You Have Installed On Your Computer) And Copy/Paste "Data" File In FO4's File Directory (Located Where Fallout4.exe Is).
1 Full Set Of OP Jetpacked Marine Armor (Minus Tactical Helm, Assault Helm Included)
1 Full Set Of OP Jetpacked X-01 Power Armor
1 OP Ring (Grants "Diver Suit" Perk)
1 OP Automatic Institute Rifle (With 10x Recon Scope)
1 OP Institute Rifle (With 10x Night Vision Scope)
10000 Fusion Cells
10000 Fusion Cores
Note: Scopes Are Invisible. Just Aim To Get Effect.
Container With Ammo Is Set To Respawn.
All Armor Is Set To Max Resistances.

v1.1: Added Custom Enchantment To P.A. Torso, M.A. Torso And Ring; Custom Stealth Field (When Sneaking); Carry Weight 1,000,000; Health Regen; All Resistances +100; V.A.T.S. Chance 95%; Action Points +100; Hasmat Suit Effect; Waterbreathing Effect. Requires All DLC.