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My personal settings that I use for survival mode that make it a bit more difficult.

Removes adrenaline, increases spawn rates, fixes dogmeats carry weight, and removes the well rested special boost.

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These simply tweaks are just my personal settings that make survival mode a bit harder.
I mostly uploaded this for my own convenience, which is why it seems a bit random.

I was originally going to lump these changes in with a few of my other mods and create one big "survival overhaul" but decided to keep them separate and just link those mods here.

This file does the following:

Increased Survival Spawn Rate

Hardcore manager script sets the respawn multiplier to x1 and global respawn rate is set to x2. Just adjust the global respawn rate in xedit to change survival now.
(script contains  JacobBruce's VATS freeze fix as well as any
Unofficial Patch changes).

Well Rested No Longer Gives Special Boost

XP boost is the the same. Helps prevent a common bug where your special stats gets messed up, but more importantly just makes the game a bit harder.

Adrenaline Is Removed

Removes the effects and hides it completely. Even changes the tutorials that mention it. As if it were never there.

Dogmeat Carry Weight Stays the Same

Forces dogmeats carry weight to stay at 25. Previously, if you gave him a bandana it would revert back to non-survival values.

Take More Damage in VATS

Default game you only take 10% damage while in VATS. Now you take 35% damage while in VATS.

Use More AP When Holding Breath in Scopes

Subtle change. Now if you are playing a character with no agility you won't be able to hold your breath quite as long.

My other mods that link back to this file:

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