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This Mod contains two major components A Stasis Gun and a pair of Different Glasses. The Mod allows to to Digitize Subjects to a tape. It also allows to to Clone Subjects and to access many of their attributes not normally accessible. The Glasses are integrated with the Gun Menu system and unlike typical glasses these see a bit more.(Watch Video)

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The Stasis Multi Function Mod
This mod is experimental, You should always backup you games.   
I wrote this mod for myself, I was building a settlement that was massive and a zoo which could
Hold prisoners and creatures and where I could pit them against one another.  I soon discovered
Some of the npc’s  could get out of cages that they should not have been able to.  I found that keeping
Some things locked up was a task.  So I started making a Gun called the stasis gun.  As my settlement continued I began needing or wanting features in my mod that would help me manage the kinds of situations I was faced with.  That and my OCD  made me build the mod to do many different things.
I then developed a pair of companion glasses  to the Stasis Gun which started as the simple see bad guy /good guy and dead guy types you see out there but this got me thinking what about the radiation guy or the stealth  guy or the feelings of the actors as well as their allegiances  and I ended up with a complex pair of glasses that integrate with the Gun menu
The gun at its most basic level causes injury to a subject so yes it can be used to fight. However in combat some of its features wont work.  This was kind of a balance thing for me as I didn’t intend the
Gun to make me a demi god.   The Gun has three Basic modes.   Digitize a subject which essentially shrinks them into a tape.   And the process can be reversed after you have carried them where you 
Wish to place them.   (See the Zoo  part coming to mind) 
The second mode duplicates the subject.  This clones them.  In unique actors the copy will be almost the same with the exception of the name.   In actor shared base targets the copy will be almost the same but can be male or female and dressed differently with different hair styles etc.
Clones do not share the same personally and in some cases are boring but they make great display case models for a zoo.  Because of the nature of Robots they can not be copied using my Gun.
It is also a bad idea to copy a copy :)
The final but most complex mode of the gun is menu mode.  This allows to access to the actors / npc
In ways that you would not otherwise have. Such as make companion, make settler,  change how they feel, turn them in to a statue or simply heal them.   Many more options available.
There also exist a dead menu option which allows you to bring back the dead   but bare in mind some
Dead are better left dead.  Some actors do not recover well from dying. 
At default the gun will not affect essential  actors, this is optional
It wont effect key companions this to is optional.
There are many tweaks to the interface which can allow you more power then you should have. Please Watch the Video.
This mod is experimental  and you should always back up your game.   Please if you like the mod
Endorse me.   If you want to buy me a coffee  go to the mod description area in the mod manager as
There is a link.   Thank you for trying the mod.  Hope that it inspires you.