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Allows recruitment of Nat as a fully voiced companion. Includes over 500 lines of dialogue and provides Nat with her own set of Junior Power Armor.

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OK this is my first Mod for FO4. It allows the player to recruit Nat (Piper's sister) as a fully voiced child companion with affinity. The mod includes the following features:

  • Over 500 lines of new dialogue, much of it custom voiced.
  • Full affinity implemented - Nat has a similar personality to her sister Piper.
  • Quest based and lore friendly (you don't just walk up to her and say let's go).
  • Custom set of Junior T51 Power Armor dedicated for use by Nat.
  • Miniature Power Armor Station which can be used to fix and customise the PA.
  • Works with multi-follower mods such as Amazing Follower Tweaks.

To get the best out of this mod you need to have multi-follower capability as the idea behind it was to allow Nat to join the player with her sister Piper. It always seemed odd to me that Piper would abandon her sister in Diamond City when recruited by the Sole Survivor. This way you can roam the wasteland as a happy family and Nat is no slouch when it comes to killing Raiders especially in her Power Armor!

Mod installation
Simply copy the files into your Fallout4/Data folder and update plugins.txt with the line  - *NatalieCompanion.esp
Once installed, a new Quest should start which will guide you through the recruitment phase.

Important: In order to recruit Nat you first have to have Piper as a companion. With Piper in tow, simply visit Nat in Publick Occurrences. After a few moments, she should strike up a conversation with Piper. Your interjections will determine the success of the recruitment.

Power Armor
You need to get Sturges to build you Nat's Power Armor. Again, the Quest will guide you along. Once he has constructed it, you can pick it up at Red Rocket just outside Sanctuary.

The mod should not conflict with other companion mods but has only been extensively tested with Amazing Follower Tweaks for multi-follower use. Personally I use AFT all the time and have found it to be invaluable and rock solid.

Props to GreyDarienFox for the initial idea and 0303030202 for the solution to the Stimpack issue.
Special thanks to Katabelle for the superb voice acting on Nat - you rock.

As I say, this is my first mod so there are bound to be a few glitches here and there. I will be supporting it so let me know of any issues or further suggestions.