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  1. Reshirou
    • member
    • 679 posts
    • 25 kudos
    Dang, I love that merged vault ESL, thanks a bunch.
  2. AndyJP
    • supporter
    • 428 posts
    • 3 kudos
    Thanks RustyXXL
  3. Viper1s
    • member
    • 238 posts
    • 8 kudos
    A fantastic idea. Keep going. Saves me time and anything that saves me time and allows more gameplay time deserves a big Thank You...
  4. Dubbyk
    • supporter
    • 860 posts
    • 11 kudos
    I'm currently doing this for my new game. Been going threw all the mods and seeing what ones are candidates for .ESL conversion. I noticed in your description you talk about unpacking the BA2 files. Do .ESLs not work with BA2 files? I've had issues with mods that used BA2 files while trying to convert but I have not been able to find and hard evidence info on the relationship between .ESL and .BA2 files types.
    1. RustyXXL
      • supporter
      • 494 posts
      • 40 kudos
      No, you need to unpack the ba2's because most of the vault mods have ba2's and you need to either have them unpacked or combine and repack them so they get loaded with my plugin. I'm not aware of any problems loading ba2's with esl, and it would surprise me, as the cc esl's also have ba2's with them, and without more info I could only speculate what might be wrong.
  5. Vanguardascendant
    • premium
    • 735 posts
    • 4 kudos
    Sweet. I've had this on my to-do list for some time now. This is great. The only downside that I see is that blueprint transfers and other mods requiring these items might search for the ESP versions instead. Not sure there's much of a workaround with regards to that though.
    1. RustyXXL
      • supporter
      • 494 posts
      • 40 kudos
      There really isn't. Especially a lot of the older mods, but newer as well have their formids outside the esl range, even though they don't have that many forms. So I usually have to renumber them to make the esl. Especially the vault pack almost maxes out the available range.
      I also don't know a whole lot about the transfer settlement mod, so I couldn't even know if it would be possible to make some form of conversion tables for it to convert existing blueprints, and as I'm really not interested in using prebuilt blueprints I'm also not that interested in finding out.

      I make these while building my new loadorder as I go. And I already have around 40-ish other mods converted...but packing it all up, writing descriptions etc is a really boring and laborous thing...I will add new conversions as I feel like it though. But in the end it's not that hard to do, once you figured it out.
      You have to be careful with mods with mcm menus, though...they take a bit more work. I have done it though, but didn't get around to test them in game....they should work, though.