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Changes the Outfit and Weapons of the Salvagers of the Mod "Salvage Beacons" to those of other factions.

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Greetings fellow Wastelanders,

first of all: english is not my first language so I apologize for any mistakes in advance.

Automatron DLC is only required for the DLC Robots Version

This is my first mod or rather tweak i publish on the nexus. Its rather simple. pls report any issues you encounter.

It changes the outfit and weapons of the salvagers from Kinggaths wonderfull mod "salvage beacons".

The factions i have covered:


two Minutemen with Laser Muskets and Uniform + brahmin, works with militarized minutemen and any other mod that changes vanilla Lvl Lists


3 Synths with Synth armor and Institute Weapons, no Brahmin, one of them is not essential. works with synth overhaul

DLC Robots:

Automatron DLC required, two Mr. Handy wrecker and a tank bot. tank bot replaces brahmin, is not essential


two Mr. Handy (based one postwar Codsworth) and a Protectron- Protectron replaces brahmin and is not essential

Super Mutants:

two Super Mutants with autoweapons + brahmin


two raiders with raider armor and weapons + brahmin

Vault-Tec/Vault 81:

two guards with vault suits, vault security armor and 10 mm Pistols + brahmin, shouldnt spawn as ghouls


two guys/girls in triggermen clothing with submachine guns + brahmin

Brotherhood of Steel:

two field scribes and BoS soldier. Soldier replaces brahmin, is not essential

Children of Atom:

two Children with gamma guns + brahmin

Diamond City:

two guards (male only i think) with DC Security Armor and weapons + brahmin. shouldnt spawn as ghouls


two guys/girls with gunner weapons and armor + brahmin


two guys/girls with Railroad agent armor and weapons + brahmin

There are no requirements, works even if you are not part of that faction.

You might be asking why i didn't cover the institue: plain and simple, synths travelling the wasteland with a brahmin seemed absurd to me. I will try to make my own mod for that faction. (i am also not happy with the BoS and a Brahmin, i think a vertibird or a hole squad would be more fitting, but can't fix it right now)

I dindn't touch any of the mechanics of the base mod or changed any scripts. The salvagers are not really part of the faction, it's just a cosmetic change. And yes right now it is possible that DC and BoS Salvagers might spawn as ghouls. I might fix that in the future.

Compatability an which version to choose:

install only one. only one faction and either the normal one or the replacer. The replacer esp as the name implies will replace the esp of the original mod, still needs the original mod. You will save an esp slot but if kinggath updates his mod and i don't it will be incompatible. The normal version will still work if nothing drastic changes in a future update of salvage beacons but its another esp slot. Since salvage beacons is a master to the normal version, my mod has to be lower in your loadorder.

If you got some salvagers running around from before you installed my mod, i believe they will remain in the old outfit. Any new salvager should spawn with faction equipment.

how to install:

install salvage beacons first (obviously)

Install with NMM: Just activate, if you use any of the replacer versions click overwrite when asked to

Manual: copy the esp from the chosen zip into your data folder. if you chose replacer overwrite. Aktivate in your plugins.txt.

other mods:

Mods that change vanilla leveldlists and outfits should work fine. I have Militarized Minutemen installed and since it changes the vanilla lists my salvagers use the uniform of this mod.

Thanks to Kinggath for his permission to upload these tweaks and his awesome mod. Also to the team who created FO4Edit, which i used to make these tweaks.

Link to the Forum for Salvage beacons if you run into any issues of the base mod:

15.05.2018addes some factions: Vanilla Robots, DLC Robots, Super Mutants, Synths
   made some factions ghoul free (Vault, BoS, DC)
16.05.2018added AIO FOMOD installer
  added some factions (DLC Nuka World Raiders, DLC Harbormen)