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quidprokourage and asXas

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Do you love asXas's SVT-40 weapon? Do you love using it with a suppressor? Do you want a more immersive suppressor? Are you secretly a capitalist spy? Then this is a mod for you!

Permissions and credits
For those of us who appreciate the humor, but still want a normal suppressor.

What is there to say? A more reasonable suppressor for the SVT-40. For now it is just the vanilla hunting rifle suppressor however I do plan on modifying the textures to match the more pristine SVT variants as well as accomodating OhDeerSKR's skin packs for the weapon. For now however, it is just the vanilla version. I hope you all enjoy it.

V1.0: Initial upload, vanilla suppressor on the modded weapon
V1.1: Altered position of suppressor on the barrel to cover the flash hider. Retextured the suppressor to more closely match the SVT barrel.
V1.1a: A version that works with the Bundle of Tape Mod.
V1.2: Fixed some details to this version which cause the weapon mod to appear on every weapon.

Credits for the Original Mod Creators
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Model/Texture/implementation: asXas
Animations: Haru/Blackxteel
Weapon Sound Artist: Multibears
Leveled list script: a_blind_manGeneral 
Help and fixes: Ceds, HyperX (FX0x01)
Vodka Sounds: KingtobbeBonus