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A large expansion to the weaves in Horizon.

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Don't Stop Belweavin': A Ballistic Weave Expansion.

Don't Stop Belweavin' adds 14 new weaves with multiple upgrades for a total of 60 new upgrades for your Horizon journey.

My ultimate goal was to have the new weaves seamlessly integrated into Horizon. I wanted a variety but nothing too overpowered or underpowered....I want to help you win (but I know some will lose). Armor should be much more tactical and you should want to craft a variety of gear for certain situations. I want to expand on your tactical options. There's new weaves for if your just hidin' somewhere in the night or if your just fighting a group of gunners in a smoky room.

-A lot these weaves change dynamically with certain conditions. For instance, if you craft the nocturnal weave during the day, it will not show any bonuses in the crafting menu because they are not activated until night.
-This adds a lot of content so let me know if anything isn't working properly...or even let me know if there's any new ideas you have.

V1.3: Since a lot of the weaves change dynamically, sometimes when crafting you cannot see the resistance values. For example, if the weave gives you protection in the rain, it will not show you the protection value if your at a workbench and it is not raining. So, I put the exact resistance values in the description of the particular weave you want to craft so you can see the range of values.

Example: Nano Technology exponentially increases Energy Resistance (36-140) and greatly increases Damage Resistance (10-40) the lower your health.


New V1.2: Assassin's Weave: Increased Damage Resistance and Increased Energy Resistance when sneaking.

New V1.2:
Storm Weave: Increased Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance when not raining. Increased Radiation Resistance when raining.

New V1.1:
Sentry Weave: Increased Damage Resistance and Increased Energy Resistance when not moving.

Ballistic Nano Weave: Nano Technology increases Damage Resistance and slightly increases Energy Resistance the lower your health.

Insulated Nano Weave: 
Nano Technology increases Energy Resistance and slightly increases Damage Resistance the lower your health.

Environmental Weave:
 Better Fire, Cryo and Electrical Resistance. Improved Radiation Resistance.

Cybernetic Weave: 
Adds Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance the higher your health.

Nocturnal Weave: 
Absorbs solar energy during the day to provide improved Energy Resistance at night.

Plasma Weave: 
Hardens during the day in sunlight providing Improved Ballistic Resistance.

Impenetrable Damage Weave: 
Ultra High Damage Resistance when health is full.

Impenetrable Energy Weave: 
Ultra High Energy Resistance when health is full.

Explorer's Weave: 
Improved carrying capacity

Commander's Weave:
Adds Improved Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance when in a settlement.

Deflector Weave: 
Better Energy Resistance and Improved Damage Resistance but gives constant radiation damage.

Your just a city boy (or girl) born and raised in south Boston. Living in a lonely new world your going to need all the help you can get if you want to roll the dice just one more time.