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Concept Art turned into an outfit for both male and female characters...

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Version 1.1: Fixed the texture issue of the ammo belt both in the meshes as in the BodySlide files.
Vanilla version 1.0: Please don't ask me to do this again... I nearly blew up my computer. Ok, I didn't, but I did get all confused with the CBBE files and the vanilla files, and it was one big horrible mess! It was a 5-minute conversion job, it took over an hour to pack it into a 7zip correctly!

Concept Art turned into an outfit for both male and female characters... Craftable under Utility in the ChemLab!

The female Outfits are CBBE, the male outfits are Vanilla!

Required mods:

(CBBE) Vanilla version obviously doesn't need that!
This Mod also requires Nuka World!!!

Recommended mods:

Apocalypse Accessories
Because anything by Elianora is awesome, and some of these look great with the
outfits in this mod!


Use anything I have made for your own mods, as long as you DON’T upload my full mods as your own,
either on the Nexus or anywhere else! Actually, don’t upload my mods to any other sites other than the Nexus full stop! My mods are exclusive to the Nexus!
If you use my modifications of other people's mods (see credits), make sure you get their permission as well!

If you use anything I made in your own mods, you are not allowed to ask money for them.
Donations are fine, but don’t charge people for my work!


Unkut5 for https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26309