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Overhauls Vault 95, making it a realistic and lived-in location.

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  • Russian
 Vault 95 is already a pretty nice location in vanilla, but I felt it lacked in difficulty and detail. The Gunners there are probably  more susceptible to drug abuse than the ones at Gunners Plaza or Quincy, so they have more drugs and alcohol lying around.
 Remains of the cars of those who didn't make it to the vault before the explosion still stand next to the entrance. The Assaultron outside was really annoying, so I replaced it with a Sentry Bot.

The place is also cleaned up a bit because... Realism! The gunners there are high level, but I have added a room they have been using as their Armoury. If you can reach there, you and your companions will have enough ammo and weapons to take over. I added a couple Vault 95 jumpsuits around, because there weren't any on vanilla.
There's a terminal with adding some lore to the location and its inhabitants.

Fully compatible with the Gunner Face Variety and Friendly Gunners mod. Cait's quest is not affected.