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4 new paints for the drum magazine in the AKM mod.

Permissions and credits


4 new paint schemes for the drum magazine I made for the AKM mod. Khaki for operations in arid climates, Camouflage Stripes for obvious reasons, Marine blue and red, and tone two Teal.

There are two files for download. One is with an ESP and allows the paints to be added in-game through the weapons workbench and the second is a file with an FOMOD installer with which you choose one paint you want during the NMM install. Pick your flavor. 

I'd recommend the ESP one since it's the most convenient but since it has an ESP which overwrites the AKM one it might conflict with any other mod which also replaces the ESP. But if you just have the AKM rifle mod and this there will be no problem. 


More paints will come hopefully. 


Under no circumstances may this mod be edited and re-uploaded on Nexus or any other site. Nor will I allow any part of it to be used in another mod without my permission.

Tools Used and Credits

Bethesda Game Studios and the Creation Kit, Blender, Substance Painter 2GimpDDS plugin for Gimp 2.8 by Alexandre Prokoudine, Photoshop CS6, NifSkopeBodyslide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente, Bethesda Archive Extractor by jonwd7, and Material Editor by ousnius.

Mods Seen in the Screenshots and Videos

AKM - Assault Rifle
 by gabber - FX0x01 - Ha_ru - Navaro

Gorka Military Suit by Nutulator

Metro Gask Masks by Nutulator

Alytn Assualt Helmet by Nutulator