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This is a simple patch for TheTalkieToaster's excellent mod "Loads of Ammo". This patch changes the recipe for AP rounds to require steel, instead of lead. This makes more sense as steel penetrators are an actual component in some real world AP rounds.

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Have you tried out TheTalkieToaster's excellent mod "Loads of Ammo"? If you haven't, you should. It allows one to make, carry, and switch between different ammo types for their gun (ex. standard, Armor Piercing, Explosive, etc.).

But there's one little detail that has been bugging me. In the recipe for armor piercing ammo, what's required is some standard rounds of the ammo you're looking to make (ex. .308) and lead. Thing is, lead is not used in as the AP component in real life Armor Piercing (AP) rounds. Real life AP rounds usually rely upon a hard chunk inside the bullet which is used to punch thru armor. This can be called a kinetic penetrator. Common materials used for actual kinetic penetrators are steel, tungsten carbide, and depleted uranium.

But they don't have tungsten as an in base game crafting component, and nuclear material is already used for the "depleted uranium rounds" in Loads, which deals rad damage. So steel it is.

So I used FO4Edit to change the crafting recipe in "Loads of Ammo" for AP rounds. They now require steel instead of lead.