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In the future the Sole Survivor of Vault 111, you, will lead mankind in a war against a malevolent artificial intelligence programmed to enslave the world. From this dark future two machines have been sent back, one to kill you, the other to protect you. Live or die... war never changes.

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Marked for Termination - A Terminator-Inspired Manhunt in the Commonwealth
Patch 3.2
by Toro Montana & MarcusGarlick™

In the future the Sole Survivor of Vault 111, you, will lead mankind in a war against a malevolent artificial intelligence programmed to enslave the world. From this dark future two machines have been sent back, one to kill you, the other to protect you. Live or die... war never changes.

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This mod is inspired by the Terminator series and adds two cyborgs from the future, Gen-5 synths, into the game world of Fallout 4. They arrive when you reach level 10+. What began as a minor tweak is now a fully fledged action packed mod. One cyborg is the bad guy, it will attempt to track you down no matter where you go in the Commonwealth and attempt to kill you. It is nearly indestructible, your goal is to escape its wrath and survive. When not in combat, the cyborg travels the map at walking speed to make evading it feasible.

We say nearly indestructible because there are actually three ways to permanently kill it:
1. a direct hit from a mini nuke
2. freezing it with any Cryo weapon
3. forcing it into one of the large vats of molten steel at Saugus Ironworks

You can craft a free holotape at any chem station which you can use the customize the mod including raising the difficulty level much much higher. At the last difficulty level you will only be able to kill the Gen-5 assassin at Saugus Ironworks and some of his stronger weapons will be able to kill even most essential or protected NPCs, including settlers and most quest givers. Beware!

The other cyborg is a permanent 100% loyal companion and protector. It will act as a secondary companion so you don't need to dismiss the companion you had before. You can trade gear with it, give it better weapons, make it carry junk, but you can't give it specific instructions or dismiss it, at least not while the bad guy lives. Like other companions, this cyborg cannot be killed and will repair itself even if essential tags are disabled. Unlike other companions though, it has no affinity, doesn't care if you're good or bad, and will never betray you.

The mod features fully voiced dialog now.

This isn't a very long quest mod, it's mostly for fun, mayhem and putting you on constant alert while giving you a cool companion. There will be a couple of quest logs to guide you, but don't expect a very long quest chain. There is no new map nor a final showdown with the evil AI that sent the assassin after you. If you're looking for a total conversion type of mod, this may not be for you.

This mod will get frequent updates so please check regularly. :) If you love it now, you'll love it even more later.

Feel free to leave any feedback from very positive to very negative, I don't block anyone for their opinions. You can also upload screenshots and videos as long as they are relevant.

Continue reading to find out more or explore the mod yourself.

Mod Link: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4075797
Or just
click here.
Xbox One Version: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4075848
Or here.
PS4 Version (Note that this version is significantly different): https://bethesda.net/en/mods/fallout4/mod-detail/4077421
Or here.

What's New in 3.2?

1. Gen-5 Synth Nora is now voiced by the xVA Synth software. No actual voice actor is used.
2. Compatibility with the upcoming mod Talk Like Arnie has been overhauled for a better transition once the mod is out.
3. A method has been added by which other mods may easily track if you have completed the questline in this mod. Mod authors, feel free to contact me if you wanna make a sequel.
4. The quest "A Mysterious Holotape" has been renamed to "Options".
5. For immersion purposes, the mysterious holotape will no longer spawn in your inventory at level 2. You can now only get it if you craft it at a chem station and no it's not necessary to spawn the boss. It never was.

What's New in 3.1?

1. Fixed a minor text issue.
2. Supercharged nukes should now also incinerate the primary target and maybe incinerate secondary targets.

What's New in 3.0?

1. New levels of difficulty levels added:
Extreme Mode - Level 1
- Cryo weapons will no longer harm the enemy.
- The enemy can now kill NPCs that are otherwise "immortal" or "protected", including settlers. Exception applies to the activate companion, the Gen-5 ally and to Father (including if he is taken as a companion through the mod Father Companion).
- Increased armor.
Extreme Mode - Level 2
- Mini Nukes will no longer harm the enemy.
- The enemy runs after you even out of combat instead of walking.
- Increased armor.
You can activate them from the mod's holotape.
2. Holotape name changed to "A Mysterious Holotape" so it appears early in the Misc list.
3. Protector's name shortened to "Gen-5 Synth".
4. Radnet Desolator (level 50+ enemy weapon) redesigned, it is now more powerful than a regular Fatman and heavily irradiates an area on use.
5. Destroying the enemy cyborg allows you to craft "Supercharged" nuclear weapons (Fatman and Nuka Grenades) from the chem station if you have enough skills. These weapons have the advantage of being able to obliterate most "immortal" NPCs at least when the player uses them but also cost a lot of nuclear materials.
6. Full Talk Like Arnie compatibility ensured. You can choose to talk like Arnold/Cameron during this mod's quest content.

What's New in 2.10?

1. There is more dialog diversity now when speaking with your companion.
2. Idle chat option for your companion (stuff like "What are you thinking about?") unlocked after talking about the Institute.
3. More companion combat one-liners.
4. You can use the option holotape to make your companion address you as John or Sarah Connor. (Only works if the default voice actor HadToRegister is kept for the companion.)
5. Compatibility with the upcoming mod Talk Like Arnie, use the holotape to enable this, downloading the master file is not required.
6. The enemy deals more damage, is more accurate and isn't as easily tricked anymore in the initial encounter.

What's New in 2.9?

1. Minor fixes.
2. Improved compatibility with Father Companion (starting patch 4.1). Fixed an exploit that gave players an advantage over the enemy cyborg.

What's New in 2.8?

1. The quest "A Mysterious Holotape" now also has a more unique quest icon.

What's New in 2.7?

1. More appropriate quest icons will not be used.
2. Fixed a couple of missing dialog lines for the bad guy.

What's New in 2.6?

1. Nate (Male Sole Survivor) is now voiced by the original Nate voice actor using recycled lines from vanilla. Use the "Mysterious Holotape" if you want to switch back to Garlikk/HadToRegister voice acting.
2. The enemy cyborg's name will now change when revealed as an imposter.
3. "Stranger's" name will now change to "Gen 5 Synth Protector" once he has revealed his entire background.
4. If you lose the "Mysterious Holotape" you can craft another for free at a chem station. (This tape becomes available around level 2 but the enemy doesn't arrive until around level 10.)

What's New in 2.5?

1. Enemy can no longer be looted if it's not permanently destroyed even if you try to use a companion to loot it. Forcing this will give you a lethal dose of radiation and no, you can't use a Hazmat to survive it.
2. The enemy is more resilient with higher HP and extra resistances.
3. Due to past confusion, if you want to know if the enemy is truly dead or just stunned, talk to your companion cyborg.
4. Chance to incapacitate the enemy long-term has been reduced significantly. Most of them time the enemy will function as if it were essential.
5. Attacking the enemy with a weapon now has a chance to knock it down or push it back for a few seconds, useful if doing the Saugus ending. Gamma guns (including Cabot versions), shotguns, missiles are the best for this, but almost any weapon has a chance to knock it down.
6. MIRV nukes can also now be used to kill the cyborg assuming you can get a direct hit on the cyborg.
7. The friendly cyborg will now be completely passive to your attack against it, it won't retaliate even for 1 second anymore. It will still make comments suggesting to stop.
8. Killing the enemy using Cryo weapons will now cause its body to break apart into millions of pieces. The Gen 5 chip will no longer be lootable.
9. Fixed a bug that sometimes made the cyborg corpse to be impossible to target.
10. You can no longer dismember the cyborg corpse after fishing it out of the molten steel.
11. Some minor cosmetic changes.

What's New in 2.4?

1. Your companion will now sneak when you sneak.
2. Minor AI tweaks.
3. Minor dialog and quest text tweaks.

What's New in 2.3?

1. Fixed a few potential compatibility issues with other mods.
2. Fixed an issue with Cryo weapons not working properly on the cyborg.
3. The enemy cyborg is now vulnerable to Cryo weapons and can be permanently killed with one, making this the third way to kill it permanently.

What's New in 2.2?

1. All audio and lip files have been fused into ".fuz" files, drastically reducing mod size and eliminating some rare mod compatibility issues with other mods.
2. You now get a message when the quest "A Mysterious Holotape" is complete.
3. Mod compatibility fix.
4. Very minor dialog fix.

What's New in 2.1?

1. There is now only one file to download. Voice actors for the male Sole Survivor and companion can be now be changed in-game using the "Mysterious Holotape" which you will get at some point in your inventory starting with level 2. The cyborgs still won't come until at least level 10.
You can now order the companion cyborg to get out of a power armor if he steps into one without your approval. Note, he cannot be ordered back in so choose this wisely. It's better to just take his pieces off if he stole your armor and just use another base armor.
3. Certain dialog options with the companion may no longer be available depending on how you ended the main quest.
4. Minor dialog tweaks to better reflect what is actually said.

What's New in 2.0?

This is considered a major update:
1. Pushing/forcing the enemy cyborg
into the larger vats of molten steel found around Saugus Ironworks will permanently kill it now, making this the 2nd way to kill it if you don't have or don't want to use mini nukes. A sleeping bag has also been added to the Ironworks at the end.
2. Female Sole Survivor dialog revamped, there's no more player text-to-speech, original Nora actress voices her by recycling matching lines from vanilla Fallout 4. Yes, there are so many of them it's possible.
3. Dialog flow improved for both male and female Sole Survivors.
4. Enemy cyborg combat revamped. Upon taking its health to zero by conventional means (i.e NOT mini nuke or molten steel) there's now a chance the enemy will incapacitated for a far longer period of time and won't get up again until you're far enough away that the cyborg is literally off-screen. This is useful if you want to build settlements since it won't get up while you're building.
5. Further expanded mod support when playing with essential NPC tags disabled. Revival of the damaged cyborg should happen properly now, but it will happen off-screen when you're far away. It will now also regain most of its weapons.
6. It's no longer possible to loot the enemy cyborg if you haven't permanently killed it. Attempting to do so will give you a lethal dose of radiation. You can still pickpocket it but the chance of success are very low. NPCs cannot steal its two best weapons. If they try, the weapons will simply disintegrate, unless the cyborg was permanently killed.
7. The enemy cyborg can no longer be permanently disarmed of its two best weapons (Radnet Stalker and Radnet Desolator). He will now always get new ones if he loses them unless of course he's permadead. Note that the strongest weapons are never available at the very start of the game. He gets his two final upgrades at level 35 and then 50.
8. The friendly cyborg has had a minor upgrade to his arsenal and will now be given a modded legendary double barrel shotgun called "Stranger's Big Iron". Feel free to of course just trade him any other weapon you want. His starting arsenal was never meant to be overpowered.
9. Please note that this version now edits parts of vanilla Saugus Ironworks. You may experience compatibility issues if another mod also edits Saugus Ironworks, as such it's advised to load it first just in case (even above mods like the Unofficial Patch).

Older Patch History:
What's New in 1.5?

1. The initial encounter with the enemy cyborg while playing the male Sole Survivor is more immersive now.
2. Expanded the mod's support while playing the game with all essential NPC tags disabled.
If you have essential NPC tags enabled, the cyborgs will be incapacitated for many seconds before returning to full HP.
If you have essential NPC tags disabled, the cyborgs fall to the ground, apparently "dead", but are revived as soon as you leave the immediate area. Any limb damage will also be repaired. Their bodies cannot be cannibalized, dismembered, "gibbed" or disintegrated. The mini nuke remains the exception to this rule as it will disintegrate the enemy cyborg into a pile of ash on a direct impact. As of 1.5, this remains the only method to kill it permanently.
3. There's no need to start a new game, but if you already encountered the enemy in your save, change number 1 won't make a difference.

What's New in 1.4?

1. Melee damage done by the cyborgs is now significantly increased, including weapon bashes. To keep things balanced and fun, they will still prefer their ranged weapons. The enemy will only bash you with its weapon if you get close enough and will only use melee weapons if disarmed of everything else, which isn't that easy to accomplish in the first place.
2. Due to the above changes, the cyborgs should now also be a significantly greater threat to town guards, super mutants, civilians or anyone else be foolish enough to attack it, even in groups.
3. A few more combat style tweaks for the cyborgs.
4. HP slightly increased for both cyborgs. The enemy still has more HP than your companion.
5. The two cyborgs now have a high resistance to radiation based weapon damage.
6. Fixed an issue with a couple of missing voice files for the male Sole Survivor.
7. As usual, you do not need to start a new game to see these changes.

What's New in 1.3?

Many things have been improved in 1.3. Here is why you should update or download if you never played it before, this is a major update compared to previous patches:

1. All Dialog Voiced: There is even a selection of two quality voice actors to choose from for the male player and cyborg companion as well as quality text-to-speech for the female player. The audio is professionally edited, you won't hear random noise in the background.
A brief explanation of the different versions of patch 1.3:
1.3a - Voiced by HadToRegister, both male player + companion
1.3b - Male player voiced by Garlikk, companion by HadToRegister
1.3c - Male player voiced by HadToRegister, companion by Garlikk
1.3d - Voiced by Garlikk, both male player + companion
Try them out and see which one you prefer best, all 4 changed be switched between each other at any time.
Female player is voiced by text-to-speech in all 4 versions.
2. More Credible Cyborg Damage: Though the cyborgs imitate humans well and even bleed due to their living tissue, they are nonetheless robotic underneath. As they take more and more damage, you start to hear metal sounds and see sparks coming out of them when shot and not just blood. Bits and pieces of synth cogs and other robot parts may also fall off them (the damage is not permanent though and doesn't change their appearance... yet), at low health when incapacitated they start to show visible signs of critical malfunction in a bright blue spark before repairing themselves to full HP
3. Overhauled Enemy Arsenal: By popular demand, the enemy cyborg is even more menacing now and gets even stronger weapons as you level and will usually discard weaker weapons previously used. Though he doesn't technically have unlimited mini nukes anymore, he is resourceful enough and will frequently replenish his mini nuke inventory. (Try not to lure him into a crowded city.) I've also removed the Flamer which was an utter joke. Expect modded legendary weapons to be used against you at higher levels. Yes, you can loot them if you kill it.
4. Fixed Exploits:
a. the cyborgs can no longer be pacified, cyborgs fear nobody
b. if you somehow manage the insane task of pickpocketing the weapons off the enemy cyborg, he will acquire new but weaker weapons soon, you can no longer fully disarm him, he also frequently replenishes any ammunition lost or stolen
c. your companion can no longer fire unlimited mini nukes if given the custom Fatman the enemy had and one mini nuke, that was just too powerful
5. AI Fix: Your companion should now attack absolutely anyone attacking you for any reason, there should no longer be any circumstances in which he hesitates to act, his loyalty is now entirely and exclusively to you
6. Other Tweaks:
a. added a few new cool one-liners for the companion including a warning when the player is exposed to radiation
b. when destroyed, the enemy will drop a synth component now
7. Support for Previous Versions: If you are upgrading from a previous version there is no need to start a new game.

What's New in 1.2?

1. The enemy cyborg now gets more weapons as you level and will even get mini nukes when you're level 50, making him more dangerous than before. As before, he will continue to steal powerful weapons he finds too so watch out what you drop or leave behind.
2. The cyborgs should no longer stay in cover, better simulating how a fearless merciless killer juggernaut should act.
3. The friendly cyborg should now prefer his default shotgun over his default knife.
4. Added a few more dialog lines in preparation for a voice acting update, hopefully in 1.3.
5. No need to start a new game. Overwrite 1.1 and play.

What's New in 1.1?

As of Version 1.1, the bad cyborg can be permanently killed with a direct hit from a standard mini nuke. Splash damage from a mini nuke is not enough to kill him and all other weapons only slow him down at best. You can use any device capable of launching mini nukes, but only the vanilla Fallout 4 mini nuke ammo will work. Fully custom nuclear-based ammo added through another mod will not work.

Other changes include extra dialog with your companion. Your companion now also displays his weapon, he doesn't hide it anymore out of combat.

You can overwrite 1.0 and continue playing. No need to restart your game. No need to load an older save.


1. Voiced and lip-synched dialog (since patch 1.3)
2. Verified against a host of bugs and exploits typically associated with NPC creation (getting better every patch)
3. Protection against your companion getting lost or going rogue (improved in 1.3)
4. The mod uses its own IDs for the highest possible compatibility with other mods (Saugus Ironworks being the only exception since 2.0), keep in mind however that unexpected results can happen so 100% compatibility with all mods on all levels isn't guaranteed.
5. The mod is designed to bypass attempts to make essential NPCs killable. If essential NPCs are made killable by a mod or tweak, the cyborgs simply repair themselves shortly
6. Catch-up mechanic for your new cyborg companion, if you get separated in combat, it should quickly find you soon after
7. Support for both male and female player characters available, play what you want


Q: I'm level 10 and the cyborg isn't coming to kill me, what to do?
A: It takes time to travel around, sleep a while to skip time and it will come. Note: You must also change your location from where you hit level 10. Continue playing, it will come when you least expect it. It doesn't come instantly.

Q: How will I know which cyborg is the good guy and which his the bad guy? How will I recognize them say in a crowded settlement?
A: You'll know when you first encounter them soon enough. ;)

Q: If I spot and shoot the bad cyborg first, will guards attack me?
A: No. If you're certain it's him, shoot away. Just don't shoot civilians thinking it's him. ;) The guards never defend the cyborg even if you shoot first.

Q: Oh my God, I fast traveled and the bad cyborg is right behind me. Why?
A: One thing that people really need to understand is that fast travel is fast travel, not teleportation (unless you're literally using Institute fast travel). Time advances too. If you travel from Sanctuary to the other side of the map, don't expect every other NPC to just stay in place all those in-game hours spent off-screen. Seriously, just run if it doesn't work out the way you wanted it. Fast travel may not always get you as far away from the cyborg as you want.

Q: My companion is stuck, what to do?
A: Traveling to a new location should unstuck him and make him catch up to you. Pretty much like all other companions.

Q: Can I dismiss my cyborg companion?
A: Only once the enemy cyborg is permanently dead. You also need to talk a little with your companion first before that option opens up. No Charisma is required. He can only be dismissed to Vault 111.

Q: Why does my companion have such lousy weapons?
A: Feel free to trade him better ones.

Q: Why can't I command the companion to do specific things or send him to settlements?
A: Several reasons:
1) balancing issues, you're already getting him as a second companion with unlimited ammo
2) it wouldn't exactly fit the intended story, he's your protector whether you want him or not and it's his autonomy that decides the best way to achieve that
3) you could ditch him by simply telling him to stay in one single spot while you fight the enemy alone, which again doesn't fit the story or his mission to protect you
4) his presence in the timeline is an anomaly, making him a settler would change the natural course of time far more than necessary

The only things you can do is give him better weapons/trade items and order him out of power armor since you need it more than he does. He will secure unused power armors, but won't stay in them forever if you don't want him to.

Q: I keep hitting the bad guy with mini nukes but he isn't dying. What's wrong?
A: Only a direct hit is powerful enough to kill it. Aim better. Or better yet... VATS is your friend.

Q: My companion is hitting him with mini nukes but he isn't dying. What's wrong?
A: NPCs in general are terrible at aiming. You have to do it yourself.

Q: Is there no other way to kill him besides the mini nuke, cryo and Saugus Ironworks?
A: More options may be available in future patches if there's a good reason to.

Q: Will a mini nuke kill my companion?
A: For gameplay mechanic reasons I have decided to keep the companion invulnerable, even to mini nukes. That may change in future patches though based on feedback posted in the comments section.

Q: Will the cyborgs follow me to the Institute?
A: Generally speaking, no.

Q: Can I romance my companion?
A: No.

Q: Can I lose reputation/affinity with my companion?
A: There is essentially nothing you can do in-game that will make the cyborg companion hate you. Good guy? Bad guy? Neutral guy? He doesn't care, he has no morals or values, he's there to protect you by any means necessary and that's it. He won't even care if you shoot him.

Q: What perks does my companion have if any?
A: The cyborg companion is very resourceful and a very good scavenger and won't actually deplete most types of ammunition you give him. He does however need at least some ammo to use weapons. No, he cannot have unlimited mini nukes.

Q: Who voices the female Sole Survivor (Nora)?
A: It's the original actress using recycled lines from vanilla Fallout 4. We also use xVA Synth for Gen-5 Synth Nora which sounds like the original actress but isn't actually her.

Q: Will the mod come out for the PS4?
A: It's out already. See link above.

Q: I obtained a legendary Fat Man from the evil cyborg but it is not doing the damage displayed on it.
A: The 5000-10000 radiation damage coming from the custom Fat Man weapons used by the cyborg only works if your target is actually hit by the mini nuke projectile itself. If it actually did that much damage as an area-of-effect, you would never survive it. This is supposed to keep you on your toes even at high levels.

Q: Is this available on Bethesda dot net?
A: It is now. See link above.

Q: Help! The cyborg stole my power armor. What to do?
A: Fixed in patch 2.1 where you can now order the companion out of the power armor.

Q: The companion cyborg came from the future so... can he help me find Shaun if he knows what happens in the future?
A: There's only one way to find out and that's by talking to your companion.

Q: Is this compatible with Nora Companion?
A: It is, but there might be some (more than minor) lore discrepancies.

Q: Is this compatible with ...?
A: The mod is compatible with a wide range of mods, that said nothing is 100% certain. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Test it. Two main issues that could break the mod are: 1. A fundamental overhaul of Saugus Ironworks 2. A complete redesign of the Commonwealth that is so radical it removes the cyborg insertion (teleportation after level 10) point, I don't know of such a mod yet and there's no reason anyone should have to remove that reference from the game.

Q: Will this mod come out for Fallout 76?
A: As long as there aren't severe restrictions on what you can mod, a version will be adapted for Fallout 76. Obviously some elements will change since YOU are not the Sole Survivor anymore, we'll see.

Note: Do not upgrade an older Nexus Mods version with a newer Bethesda.net version, until you delete all files from the older version. The formats are different so you can't simply overwrite one with the other and have it work properly. That's all files have to be deleted, not just the file Terminated.esp. You'll have to delete the mod's scripts and sound files too. If you don't wanna do this, simply upgrade the mod from the exact same source all the time and you won't need to worry about any of this. An older Nexus Mods version can always be upgraded with a complete overwrite from the newest Nexus Mods version.

Simply put, if you got your Marked for Termination version from Nexus Mods, download upgrades from Nexus Mods.
If you got your Marked for Termination version from Bethesda.net, download upgrades from Bethesda.net.
If you're stuck, delete everything and reinstall.

The above is recommended for mod users that aren't particularly tech savvy.

Known Issues

There are no known major or game-breaking issues.

1. Companion-related perks might not function with the cyborg as he is a special NPC that doesn't take up a standard companion slot to allow you to have your original companion + this cyborg. His relative power however should more than compensate for this.
2. Sometimes the town guards won't interfere against the enemy cyborg. They will however definitely interfere if one of their own citizens gets injured or killed as collateral damage. This seems to be tied with player reputation in the city too.
3. There is a minor issue with the cyborgs excessively malfunctioning (graphical bug, virtually no impact on gameplay) when damaged by a DoT (damage over time effect).
4. Very rarely, excessively shooting your companion might cause him to go hostile for a while. This should be temporary though.
5. Do not use Cryo weapons on your companion.

How To Install

The Nexus Mods version comes with loose files. Remember this.

There is a very fine article here detailing how mods are installed for Fallout 4, we will not respond to any mails or comments asking us how to install mods:

Versions 2.0a to d are interchangeable, feel free to switch between them as you like since the only real difference is who voice acts what. The ESP file is identical and so are the scripts.

Upgrades are supported without starting a new game. Downgrades are not. Downgrade at your own risk. If you play older versions, not that I have any idea why you would because the new ones are much better, you must activate subtitles. Some older versions aren't voiced.

Note: Do not upgrade an older Nexus Mods version with a newer Bethesda.net version, until you delete all files from the older version. The formats are different so you can't simply overwrite one with the other and have it work properly. That's all files have to be deleted, not just the file Terminated.esp. You'll have to delete the mod's scripts and sound files too. If you don't wanna do this, simply upgrade the mod from the exact same source all the time and you won't need to worry about any of this. An older Nexus Mods version can always be upgraded with a complete overwrite from the newest Nexus Mods version.

Simply put, if you got your Marked for Termination version from Nexus Mods, download upgrades from Nexus Mods.
If you got your Marked for Termination version from Bethesda.net, download upgrades from Bethesda.net.
If you're stuck, delete everything and reinstall.

The above is recommended for mod users that aren't particularly tech savvy.


Toro Montana - mod creator
MarcusGarlick™ - Arnold Schwarzenegger face model
Courtenay Taylor and Brian T. Delaney - voice actors for the Sole Survivor (recycled Fallout 4 vanilla lines)
Liz/yoo - voice actor for Cameron
HadToRegister - voice actor for the male Sole Survivor (player/Nate) and the companion (alternative)
Garlikk - voice actor for the male Sole Survivor (player/Nate) and the companion (alternative)
xVA Synth - Gen-5 Synth Nora (this is software, no actual voice actors used here)
Bethesda Softworks™ and staff - wouldn't be possible without them


If something is bugged and it's not caused by another mod, send me a detailed message and I'll patch it up. You need to be very specific or send me a saved game otherwise I won't be able to replicate the bug and therefore won't be able to fix it.
[email protected]

Feel free to report bugs, post suggestions, post reviews and no I don't care if you think this mod shouldn't exist because you don't like the Terminator series. Bye!

I won't be making a Fallout 76 version anymore, sorry.