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In the future the Sole Survivor of Vault 111 will lead mankind in a war against a malicious computer AI programmed to enslave the world. From this dark future two machines have been sent back, one to kill him, the other to protect him. The battle will soon commence but the war... war never changes.

Permissions and credits
Marked for Termination
Version: 1.1
by Toro Montana & MarcusGarlick™

In the future the Sole Survivor of Vault 111 will lead mankind in a war against a malicious computer AI programmed to enslave the world. From this dark future two machines have been sent back, one to kill him, the other to protect him. The battle will soon commence but the war... war never changes.

Basic Mod Information

This mod is inspired by the Terminator series and adds two cyborgs from the future into the game world of Fallout 4. They arrive when you reach level 10+.

One cyborg is the bad guy, it will attempt to track you down no matter where you go in the Commonwealth and attempt to kill you. It is unkillable (mostly at least) and your goal is to escape/incapacitate it rather than kill it. When not in combat, the cyborg travels the map at walk speed to make evading it feasible.

The other cyborg is a permanent 100% loyal companion and protector. It will act as a secondary companion so you don't need to dismiss the companion you had before. You can trade gear with it (give it better weapons, make it carry junk) but you can't give it specific instructions or dismiss it, at least not while the bad guy lives. This cyborg also cannot be killed.

This isn't a long quest mod, it's just for fun, mayhem and putting you on constant alert while giving you a cool companion.

What's New in 1.1?

As of Version 1.1, the bad cyborg can be permanently killed with a direct hit from a standard mini nuke. Splash damage from a mini nuke is not enough to kill him and all other weapons only slow him down at best. You can use any device capable of launching mini nukes, but only the vanilla Fallout 4 mini nuke ammo will work. Fully custom nuclear-based ammo added through another mod will not work.

Other changes include extra dialog with your companion. Your companion now also displays his weapon, he doesn't hide it anymore out of combat.

You can overwrite 1.0 and continue playing. No need to restart your game. No need to load an older save.


1. Lip-synched and subtitled dialog (no audio, you must have subtitles enabled)
2. Verified against a host of bugs and exploits typically associated with NPC creation
3. Protection against your companion getting lost or going rogue, even if you shoot it, it will never shoot back
4. The mod uses its own IDs for the highest possible compatibility with other mods.
5. The mod is designed to bypass attempts to make essential NPCs killable. If essential NPCs are made killable by a mod or tweak, the cyborgs simply repair themselves shortly. This doesn't work as smoothly as having essential tags active though so it's recommended not to disable essential tags. (As of 1.1 the bad guy can be permanently killed with a mini nuke. All other methods will fail.)
6. Catch-up mechanic for your new cyborg companion. If you get separated in combat, it should quickly find you soon after.
7. Support for both male and female player characters.


Q: I'm level 10 and the cyborg isn't coming to kill me, what to do?
A: It takes time to travel around, sleep a while to skip time and it will come. Note: You must also change your location from where you hit level 10. Continue playing, it will come when you least expect it. It doesn't come instantly.

Q: How will I know which cyborg is the good guy and which his the bad guy? How will I recognize them say in a crowded settlement?
A: You'll know when you first encounter them soon enough. ;)

Q: If I spot and shoot the bad cyborg first, will guards attack me?
A: No. If you're certain it's him, shoot away. Just don't shoot civilians thinking it's him. ;)

Q: My companion is stuck, what to do?
A: Traveling to a new location should unstuck him and make him catch up to you.

Q: Can I dismiss my cyborg companion?
A: Only once the enemy cyborg is permanently dead. You also need to talk a little with your companion first before that option opens up. No Charisma is required.

Q: Why does my companion have such lousy weapons?
A: Feel free to trade him better ones.

Q: I keep hitting the bad guy with mini nukes but he isn't dying. What's wrong?
A: Only a direct hit is powerful enough to kill it. Aim better.

Q: My companion is hitting him with mini nukes but he isn't dying. What's wrong?
A: NPCs in general are terrible at aiming. You have to do it yourself.

Q: Is there no other way to kill him besides the mini nuke?
A: More options may be available in future patches.

Q: Will a mini nuke kill my companion?
A: For gameplay mechanic reasons I have decided to keep the companion invulnerable, even to mini nukes. That may change in future patches though based on feedback posted in the comments section.

Q: Will the mod come out for the PS4?
A: Working on it. You may see Version 1.1 up soon.

Known Issues

I'm not aware of any major ones, but feedback on the enemy AI is appreciated. Let me know if it seems underpowered, overpowered or simply unbalanced. I may release updates to the AI's power, but will need lots of feedback from many different people playing a variety of characters.

It also goes without saying, don't try to do things like spawn the mod's cyborgs with console commands or teleport to hidden cells where cyborgs are stored when they're inactive. The results are hard to predict and can break the mod's scripted events. I will not be able to assist you if you manipulate mod assets with cheats in ways that were never intended.

How To Install

There is a very fine article here detailing how mods are installed for Fallout 4:

Beyond that, have subtitles on too or nothing will make sense.


Toro Montana - mod creator
MarcusGarlick™ - Arnold Schwarzenegger face model, see his channel and video for a demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bz2VLR7zZk


If something is bugged and it's not caused by another mod, send me a detailed message and I'll patch it up. You need to be very specific or send me a saved game otherwise I won't be able to replicate the bug and therefore won't be able to fix it.
[email protected]


If you want to help improve this mod there are a few volunteer positions open:
1. male voice actor (American sounding accent, the closer to the male player character the better)
2. female voice actor (same as above for the female player)
3. companion voice actor (must sound like Arnie)
4. modders highly knowledgeable with race editing (planning on giving them their own "race" to improve the way the cyborgs take damage during extended combat, ideally flesh should fall off revealing the metal skeleton/robot parts, to be clear they're not human but they're far more advanced than year 2287 synths)

Auditions for voice acting are currently open. To audition, pick your favorite 2-4 lines from the mod, record them and send me the demo by mail. If you are accepted, you'll get to voice all the lines for that particular character. If you have the Creation Kit, you will find all possible dialog lines located in the "zzCoolStuff" quest of the mod's .esp file. If you don't know how to open the Creation Kit, but want to do the voices, you'll get a script instead will all possible lines.