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The cutest and most brutal doll preset you didn't know you needed! 100% legal!

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Coming from a preposterous but strict, cruel and twisted family, Aiki had never truly experienced happiness. 
Not until one fatefull day, when the family went together to the combat zone, in order to spectate and laugh at the pitiful peasants fighting each other for mere penny. Little did they know, an ambush, of the people whom they exploited every cap out of, was waiting for them.
Trapped between a crowd of raging fiends and the horrific screams of her own family being shot, stabbed and hacked down like cattles, something in her snapped. 
Grabbing a crowbar, she brutally hit the man who was chopping down her sister, shattered his skull. She then took his machete and chopped clean the neck of a man standing next to him, who was still petrified from what he had witnessed before. She proceeded to grab his shotgun and start blowing the rest of them  to bloody bits, including the corpses of her own family. 
In the end, what was left in the middle of a street, filled with tiny bits of flesh, was a beautiful girl with an innocent expression and a subtle smile, unbefitting the shotgun in her hand, her white- now blood red one-piece dress, and the crimson blood stream flooding underneath her feet. And for the first time in her life, Aiki felt happy.

Requirement(in this order):
Looks menu customization compendium
Misc hairstyle 1.6
The eyes of beauty
Young female face texture
Oni face re-texture
Oni asian face part
Asian face
Adjusted head and neck proportions(closer to vanialla with even smaller headand taller neck)
Simple clean face

Suggested mods:
Natural expressionphoto light
Extended facial sculpting
Higher female protagonist voice-type U2(not required, but for a cuter and more fitting voice)
Wa ribbon
Yurica summer dress