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Adds several new color options for the Drifter coat, Spike Armor, and Caged Armor

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Gunmetal Armor Skins - Drifter Coat Pack

Adds Several new colors to the Vanilla Drifter outfit Clothing item. Works for
"Drifter Outfit", "Spike Armor", "Helmeted Spike Armor", "Cage Armor", and Helmeted Cage Armor".

Craftable with AWKCR Color swap framework at the Armor Workbench.

Total of 21 new Color/Camo options.

New color options are also added to Modcol so they will spawn in the world.

Past player level 10 there is a 1-in-10 chance of spawning in a random
"Colored" option and 1-in-10 chance of spawning in a random "Camo"
option with 4-in-5 chance of spawning in either Vanilla or "Mil-Spec"
color. So the more vibrant colors are much more rare, but all can be
crafted at Armor Workbench.

Update 1.1
Armor plating on Spike and Cage armor now paintable through Secondary color swap slot.
Helmet on Helmeted spike and Cage armors now paintable through Tertiary
 color swap slot.
New Snow Camo option.

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