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Gives the player their own race, allowing for a different body from everyone else.

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Tired of your character looking almost identical to everyone else in the wasteland? Then this is the solution.

CustomPlayerRace lets you have a completely different body from everyone else in the wasteland. From underwear to fully armored, you'll get to look unique in the wasteland once again.

But it does more! You can not only have a unique body, you can have completely different outfits, too! Put everyone else in the skimpiest of armor and keep yourself covered. Or the other way around. It's all up to you!


1) Download and install using your preferred Mod Manager.
Navigate to your Data/Tools/Bodyslide/ShapeData folder in FO4. Duplicate the CBBE Vanilla and rename it CBBE CustomPlayer. From the
CBBE Bodies Folder in ShapeData, copy all the files into the newly made CBBE CustomPlayer Folder.
Navigate to your mods/Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-/Tools/Bodyslide/ShapeData folder in your MO Fallout 4 folder. Copy the
folder into mods/Custom Player Race/Tools/Bodyslide/ShapeData and rename it CBBE CustomPlayer. From the CBBE Bodies Folder in ShapeData,
copy all the files into the newly made CBBE CustomPlayer Folder.
3) Run Bodyslide. The entirety of the armors for the player are in the "CBBE CustomPlayer" group. Choose your preset, select the group, and batch build. This will
be the preset that your character uses.
4) If you're using anything other than the default CBBE bodyshape for NPCs, make sure you select just "CBBE Bodies" and "CBBE Vanilla Outfits" for your groups.
5) Enjoy your game.

Make sure you load the .esp near the top of the list, before looksmenu and the like. A few people have reported issues if it's lower on the list.


Load up your save, open the console and run "player.setrace HumanRace" Make a new save, exit, uninstall the mod and any patches you have. This is critical. Forgetting to do this before uninstalling the mod will cause your player to fail to load correctly, leaving you without a body.


This mod isn't going to directly conflict with 90% of mods out there. However, due to its construction, modded armor isn't going to show up on your character. You *should* have all of the effects of wearing it, but your character will be running around naked. This is due to a limitation of the creation kit and how I've built the mod. Short of rebuilding FO4, I don't think this can be avoided. For every mod that adds armor to the game, or changes the way any armor works, there will need to be a patch. To this end I plan to eventually create an auto patcher, similar to the DSR patcher from Skyrim. However, I don't know if the code libraries are even compatible with FO4, so it will be a long time if at all.

For now, I am compiling a list of patches for more popular armors out there. Check the list of patches available to see if your favorite mod has one made. If not, either drop a request in the Request forum, or read up how to make your own patch. If you do make a patch, please email it to me at [email protected], and I'll check it over and, if it's all in working order, upload it so others can benefit as well.


It should work if you add it to a existing game, though I make no guarantees.
You will need to run Bodyslide and build the CBBE CustomPlayer outfits before this will work.
This mod is currently female only. If there are enough requests for me to build a male version, I will.
If you find a bug, a piece of armor that doesn't work, or any issues at all, please let me know.
If you use this to give yourself different armor, note that the first person models are not updated.
Also, if people are interested, I am willing to expand this to give the followers, Cait, Curie, Piper, their own body too. They will take a lot of time though, so it's on the backburner for now.

I've got a patreon if you're interested.