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This mod adds Room Bounds and Portals to a custom template of Vault 88 which gives greater optimisation and allows a bigger vault to be built, essentially increasing the build limit.

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I have created another version with only the optimisations included and all scrappable objects scrapped, please use one or the other


The background behind this mod is that I essentially wanted to build a big vault with the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC. But I discovered if I really wanted to go as big and as detailed as I want then there will be some issues, the build limit and performance.

If I built the vault in game as is, then the build limit will be severely reduced and the performance would be heavily affected. To counter this I have built the base of the vault in the Creation Kit and have utilised an optimisation technique using Room Bounds and Portals, essentially this is what they do:

What do Room Bounds do?

A room bound will section off an area to be rendered. If the player is inside of a room bound, nothing outside of the room bound should be rendered. If the player is outside of a room bound, nothing inside of the room bound should be rendered.

What do Portals do?

Portals are visual gateways between room bounds. They should be placed between rooms at any location where the player should be able to see from one room to another. This is generally any location where doors or hallways connect one room bound to another.

To have a properly functioning Portal between two room bounds, it must be connected to both room bounds.

If you want to read more about this check THIS link

But cutting to the point the game only renders what is in the Room Bound allowing a bigger vault with more detail and objects and essentially greatly increasing the build limit. Using this technique it has improved frame rate by 15fps in certain areas in Vault 88 so it can have a huge difference especially building a big vault.

There are some downsides however, if you were to edit my build where the portals are located then you may end up looking outside of the portal and the game would not render anything, but I have placed the portals in sensible places which should give you the greatest flexibility possible.

I have built a good sized atrium area with the other areas clear for you to build as you wish but I will be continuing work on the Vault for myself in the Creation Kit. If you would like me to upload any more that I build then let me know!

Please see the Creation Kit screenshot which shows the Room Bounds and Portal locations.

If you like my mod please endorse! :)

Starting the mod

Before installing the mod I recommend you first go to Vault 88 once unlocked and progress in the questline until you have wiped out the creatures, unlocked all areas and cleared all the scrap you want to keep.

You can then install the mod and use it without having to worry about any creatures stuck in any walls or in the vault anywhere.

You can install the mod first before visiting Vault 88 and should be able to progress through the questline without any issues, as I have ensured it should still all work. But THIS IS NOT THE SUPPORTED METHOD.

Also note I have pre-cleared all the scrapable objects, so if you do use this method then you won't get any scrap.


1. Fallout 4
2. Vault-Tec Workshop DLC
3. Enable Archive Invalidation


1. Copy the .esp to your Fallout 4 data folder
2. Activate the .esp file in your mod manager of choice or in Fallout 4


1. Deactivate the .esp
2. Delete the .esp from your data folder

Please note, if you have built or added any objects in game these should remain without any issues.

Also note, removing the mod will remove the optimisation techniques used, so if you have a lot of objects added to the cell then this may adversely affect performance.


This mod should be compatible with pretty much any mod that doesn't alter the Vault 88 cell.

If you do find conflicts with other mods please let me know and I will do my best to solve them.


Obviously a big thanks to Bethesda for making Fallout 4 and the Creation Kit
Thanks to PurpleOnionX and his mod on helping me learn how to fix the vault entrance floor
Thanks to everyone who has given me feedback and helped test the mod