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A basic mod manager for Fallout 4 VR - it helps automate various parts of the installation of new mods!

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Narod's Fallout 4 VR Mod Manager - V1.4.4.1

This Fallout 4 VR Mod manager helps automate most parts of installing new mods!

With this mod manager, you will only need to edit your .ini file to allow for Fallout 4 mods, and from there - you can install mods found in any .zip files in just the click of a few buttons! You can view all of your installed mods on a simple menu (including .esp files, .esm files AND .ba2 files), remove them from the very same menu, browse for new mods and so much more!

The mod manager was designed with efficiency, speed and space in mind. As such, the program is highly optimised, only using CPU power to unzip files when required. The manager is also snappy through time to time use, as the main workload tasks are multi-threaded, meaning that the main window will always stay to responsive. Lastly, space. The mod manager itself is highly compact, with all the files taking up around 65kB. This is insanely small and it will always be a lightweight program.

The best feature of the Fallout 4 VR Mod Manager is by far it's support. Despite releasing in April of 2018, the mod manager has received frequent updates, with 18 releases since then. Whilst this may sound excessive, it's constant releases allow many more features to be added. Installing new mods, deleting old mods and browsing the NexusMods page are all excellent features added through updates - which are made even easier by an automatic update checker built in to the mod manager, which may become fully automated in the future for easy updates to the latest features, bug fixes and optimisations.

Now new in V1.4.4.1 and above is the ability to change the load order. This now means that "Narod's Fallout 4 VR Mod Manager" is a nearly feature-complete mod manager, only lacking an advanced mod installer.

Basic instructions:
1) Enable mods in the Fallout4Custom.ini - using a guide such as the one below if needed.

2) Download & Open the Mod Manager, and Accept the directory once it has been found, or browse for it manually.
3) Click "Install New Mods" and browse to the .zip, .esp, .esm or .ba2 file you wish to install*!
4) The new files should be present in the box and can be disabled / enabled!
5) Launch Fallout 4 VR!

* The mod manager can install any .ba2, .esm and .esp files found inside any .zip files - however mods that add folders or anything else are not currently supported.