About this mod

Just another blueprint for the Red Rocket truck stop))) VERY HARDLY MODDED! Don't forget to endorse if you like it))

Permissions and credits
There is 20 beds, enough food, and water for everyone. Cozy hostel up on the roof of the main building, house for the General, and couple of houses for settlers. Bar, greenhouse, and clinic-in-the-bus)) It is all fully decorated and ready to live)
In the last screenshots in the media section, you can find what to spare from scrapping if you want to) Also you can scrap all besides the roads and footpath around the original Red Rocket building) 

Required Mods

Transfer Settlements - Shareable Settlement Blueprints

Snappy HouseKit
Snappy Decokit
Snap'n Build 2.0
Office and Store Buildings
Woody's Wasteland Stuff
Castle in the Sky
Stairs Ladders Ramps
Easy Homebuilder and Working Double Beds (Rebuild your Sanctuary)
Capital repairs of the real estate Snap'n Build (This is retexture and addon for Snap'n Build made by the very talented Russian designer, you need it if you want your General house is looking like in the screenshots in and out. The link will send you to the Russian site with the needed page, registration, and access to all recourses is simple, I believe you can manage it!) 

V's Stylish Decor (For beds, some kitchen stuff, and all that fancy furniture in hostel) 
Scavver's Settlement Kit (Beds and decor in houses)
NWM Playing House
Workshop Decorations Pack (Tables and so on)
Crafting Fury 9000 GTX - Buildable armour stands - Decorations - Furniture (Some nice shelves)
HZY-furniture and decoration (Nice furniture for the general house and the nice kitchen in the hostel )
Just some Rugs
OCDecorator - Static Loot
Just some Curtains and Rods

Settlement Objects Expansion Pack (For the nice monitor and keyboard in the room)
Homemaker - Expanded Settlements (For the bus stop)
Renovated Decorations (Mostly new curtains)
Do It Yourshelf - clutter for shelves and bookcases
CREAtive Clutter (for food resources and clutter)
Modular Kitchen
CWSS Redux v2 - Craftable Working Showers Sinks Baths Toilets Urinals Kitchens etc
CatDeco Floors and More
Gruffydd's Signs and Posters
Commonwealth Buff-Et (For radchicken nests and milk collector barrels)
NorthlandDiggers Resources - Animals - Landscape - Garden and more... (For workstations)
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) (workshops)
Settlement Electricity Overhaul (For wireless power)

Minor mods I use
Invulnerable turrets (for turrets without wires)