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Sunshine Tiding wild west style. The town can house up to 21 settler, though only 18 jobs available. 2 Agriculture plots, 6 residential plots, 1 recreation plot, 1 commercial plot, and 1 industrial plot

Permissions and credits

Requires Version 3.1.6 or Greater of Sim Settlements

Settlement: Sunshine Tiding Coop

Levels: 3 (plus foundation)
Balanced: Yes
File Type: ESP or ESL

Required DLC

Wasteland Workshop
Far Harbor
Nuka World

Required Mods

Creative Clutters
Workshop Rearranged
Do it Yourshelf
Castle in the Sky
Cabin in the Woods
woodys Wasteland Stuff 
Northland Diggers
Xnjguy Filled Mods AIO
Gruffydds Signs And Posters

1 Commercial Plot, 1 Recreation Plot, 1 Industrial Plot, 6 Residential plots, and 2 agriculture plots.  Can house up to 21 settlers, though I recommend 18.  I must say thanks to Greekrage and bsproof for their inspirations.  Note that at level 0, there will be bunch of wall missing, like it is still under construction.  Don't be alarmed.  There is also a sniper spot on top of the motel, giving you a nice view of the gunners ahead.  Target practice.