Fallout 4
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Aims to bring consistency in design and coloring to the icon library. Also fixes various issues with icon sizes, bounding boxes and scaling.

Permissions and credits

omega9380 for Updated ICONLIBS2 for DEF_UI
Neanka, Valdacil, Old Nick, ParasiteX and sekoms for DEF_UI
zawinul for contributing in the redesign of many icons and creating a new color palette

JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler
 was used for decompiling and editing the SWF files and action scripts.
Inkscape was used for creating new vector graphics from scratch, and fixing the existing assets.

I didn't design or create the original icons! I just fixed sizes, bounding boxes and scaling.

All the redesigned vector graphics were made from scratch. Please ask before you use them in your own mods.

The original source mod Updated ICONLIBS2 for DEF_UI isn't needed anymore if you use my mod, but please download and endorse omega9380's mod anyway! Without his work my mod wouldn't exist!


It always bothered me that all icons used in DEF_UI and the updated icon library had different bounds and sizes, breaking the layout and text alignment of all inventory screens. This small issue caused the interface to look very inconsistent.
Because I am not able to fix the icon rendering in DEF_UI itself, I rescaled and fixed all of the current icons in the iconlibs2.swf from omega9380's Updated ICONLIBS2 for DEF_UI.

What I did in detail:

  • exported all 292 vector shapes from the iconlibs2.swf
  • rescaled shapes and their bounding boxes to 26x26 pixels
  • icon shapes that didn't fill the square bounding box were downscaled and centered (top to bottom and left to right)
  • reimported vector shapes into the iconlibs2.swf without changing tag references
  • overhauled icons that didn't fit to the rest of the icon designs and fixed a few visual bugs (work in progress)
  • created a more subtle colored variant from scratch

I think these changes give all interfaces that use icons a much cleaner look.

The screenshot shows the food crafting menu in Horizon 1.5.4 with version 1.4 of the subtle colored icon library on the left side. The right side is a comparison to the previous scaling and coloring.


This mod just contains an interface flash file, it is safe to install/remove/update at any time. Be sure to overwrite the iconlibs2.swf from DEF_UI. The file is already packaged to be used with any mod manager.

I strongly recommend using Mod Organizer 2.


If you are using the subtle colored icon library, I recommend using the following settings and mods to have correctly colored icons in every interface of the game. This coveres container/barter interface, Pip-Boy interface and the PA Pip-Boy interface. Some of those changes also improve clarity and readability.

Add these INI settings in the according categories of your fallout4custom.ini, otherwise they won't work. Either add them to already existing categories, or if the category doesn't exist, add it at the end of the INI file. Only the [Pipboy] category shouldn't be there by default.

To have a sharp, readable and overall cleaner looking Pip-Boy screen like in the second screenshot, add the following line:


For proper coloring in all inventory screens, your HUD color has to be white. You can do this by adding:


If you are using Power Armor often, use these settings. This changes the HUD color in PA, but not the rest of the PA HUD elements:


You don't have to change these color settings for the Pip-Boy, as this is already handled by disabling all Pip-Boy screen effects with the first line.

Even with all these settings, the PA Pip-Boy screen is still very overbright and washes out the colors. To help with that, add the following lines (thanks to DankRafft for suggesting this!):


I also recommend to use Power Armor Map Fix to further help with the overbright interface and map screen.

Lastly, if you want everything to be in line with the white HUD, you can use the white variant of Different Colors for Power Armor HUD.

Be sure to report any problems you may find in the comments!