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JUNE UPDATE - More poses! Total: 100 Single Poses + Variants/20 Duo Poses + Variants/10 Power Armor Poses.

A collection of static poses that are - hopefully - suitable for both male and female characters.

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I found that, even with all the nice pose mods here on the Nexus, that there was a fairly small amount of poses suitable for my male characters. As someone who loves to take screenshots, I found I wanted a bit more variety.

So, of course, the obvious answer was to make my own!

And now we have the UPC - Unisex Pose Collection. 

Currently, it contains 30 40 50 60 100+ poses, with more planned!

Due to the nature of poses and the variety of body shapes available, there's likely to be some clipping depending on the character and pose used (and even what the character is wearing!), but I've tried my best to minimize that.

All poses are accessed through the console and the use of the playidle command.

New AAF patch available thanks to an3k! (Note: I cannot provide direct support for AAF as I do not use it. The June update, V6, may break compatibility with the patch and as such I have left v5 up.)


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