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A mod that adds effects and recovers health and limbs when relaxing on specific furniture.

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Usually, sitting on furniture has no effect. This changes now...

  • When relaxing for some time (depending on the furniture) you get the relaxed perk, which boosts your STR, CHA and AGI by +1. This Perk lasts for 12 in-game hours (with a default timescale of 20. Otherwise, convert from about 36m realtime). Relaxing means: "Sitting" on the furniture and doing...well...nothing. You relax ;). You can talk to NPCs but if you stand up and leave the furniture, the process is interrupted. As the script counts in-game time, you can't manage your Inventory while relaxing, because using the Pip-Boy freezes the game time. (Well, you can manage your inventory. But the time spent on the Pip-Boy is not counted towards the relaxing threshold.If you manage your inventory for 1 minute, this minute does not decrease the „countdown“.
  • Wenn fully relaxed, you slowly recover health and limbs. By default you gain 1% (limb) health per seconds
  • After healing the game is autosaved. This is useful for survival where autosaving is disabled and sleeping has some side effects. Disabled by default.
  • When enabled, NPCs can also relax. The gain +3 STR, AGI and PER instead. Enabled by default.

There are three new furnitures:
  • A relax chair
  • A comfortable relax chair
  • A comfortable couch to lay

Also all (or almost all) vanilla sitting furnitures are now enabled for relaxing. There are also patches for the DLC's furntiures.
The new furnitures can be found in the workshop menu:
  • Vanilla:   Furniture -> Chairs
  • Workshop Rearranged:Furniture -> Seats -> Mods

You can configure the amount of time needed to become relaxed in the settings holotape. The range is from 5 seconds to 2 minutes realtime.
The holotape can be crafted at the chemlab.
Recovering health only works while sitting/laying. While waiting you do not get healed.


This mod conflicts with every mod, that edits the furntiures used in this mod. There are several patches available.

Make sure that no one is using the furnitures as the script runs while in use. You should also sleep for at least 13 hours to remove the perk. If not, your SPECIAL stats may stay buffed until the game recalculates them.
If you want to be even more safe, scrap all the chairs and couches from this mod and delete the esp and the ba2 file. 

I already created a patch for Home Plate Exterior Revamped. This enables the "Fancy lounch chair" you find on the roof for relaxing.
There are also patches for various furntiure mods and Workshop Rearranged.

Other Modders:
You can attach the script to whatever furniture you like and change the properties if you want. Of course you
have to add my mod as a master.

Thanks to TheIrontoads and PananaCakes for  this mod. It inspired me for the healing over time.
Also thanks to Crimsomrider for this mod and allowing use of the beach chair.