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This mod adds different craftable darkening effects to all vanilla sunglasses. There is also a pair of glasses, which is worn on the forehead.

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Ever wished Sunnglasses had an acutal effect? Now they have!

This mod adds imagespace effects to all vanilla sunglasses via craftable modifications.

  • Vanilla sunglasses (and also normal glasses) are now moddable on the armor workbench.
  • There are 8 different options: No color, Light color, normal color, dark color, green color and yellow color. NEW: Orange tint which makes everything bright and vibrant and "Deep orange", which is even stronger and more colorful than "Orange".
  • At the chemlab, you can craft sunglasses that are worn on the forehead. They give you +1 CHA instead of perception. Well, you don't look through
  • them but they look cool ;)

This mod is incompatible with other mods that change the different vanille sunglass forms or models/textures. Otherwise, there shouldn't be any problem.

Known Issues:
The Black-Rim Glasses do not change their color at the armor workbench. This only applies to the world model. The worn model does change color correctly.
Currently, only the vanilla glasses change their color. Patch supported glasses have the correct effect, but the glasses model doesn't change it's color.

Always make sure, that the the patches and the main file are the same version. If not, you may get CTDs or some other problems. You have been warned!

To be safe, unequip sunglasses worn by you (if any) and delete the esp. Sunglasses worn by NPCs are not affected by the scipt.

Other Modders:
If you want to add the effects to your custom glasses, copy the keywords (Attach Parent Slots, Mod Association) to your sunglasses form and attach the script. Don't forget to set my mod as a master. That's it.

This is the first mod I ever released and I hope you like it.
Thanks to SheepTalk for their mod West Tek Taktical Optics ( Their mod helped me to figure out how to apply the effects by wearing armor.

If you have suggestions, like more colors or some other effects, leave a comment and I will have a look at it.