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Adds tons of new food items, rations, recipes and dispensers alongside with gameplay changes to improve the survival experience.

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Laughable food requirements.
Boiling radiated water to get it purified
No home made food 200 years after the great war
No protection

I  think i got enough.

This mods enhances the survival experience related with food items. Why? simple, YOU GET IT TOO EASY. I really think i don't need to say this mod is planned for survival difficulty only.

So what does this do?

It makes an obvious move: turns all the food items that you find in the world dangerously bad for your health... but good enough to keep you safe. You'll eat as usual, but at a cost. To copensate this i added tons of new packed items into the game, items that can resist the pass of time, as they were designed for it. I also add tons of homemade food which is going to be the healthier option for the sole survivor. More expensive for sure, but hey, wouldn't be food the most valuable thing in a post-apocaliptic nuclear war world like this? Even more than guns? you can always use a stick to defend yourself. Not the best for sure, but when the time comes would you eat that stick?

Yeah, no, sorry ma'am you'll have to put that fat saggy old ass to work.

A) Added new requirements for food items, including:

- Salt: All roast meat will require at least 1 salt packet (meat from dog, brahim, yao-guai, radstag, etc).
- Spices/bouillon: All advanced food will require at least 1 packet (most soups, steaks and omelettes)
- Water purifier powder: For making water purified. Yeah boiling 3 dirty waters on a cooking pot won't do it anymore.
- Sugar for desserts and some improvised food.

B) Changed rad damage for most food items.

- Added small radiation damage for easy roast food that you can cook (or all basic food that usually requires only salt to be made).

- Increased rad damage on all food items found in the world (yum-yums, dog food, snack cakes, you name it, it will hurt you). Water can disolve anything including radiation along the years but a canned food just gives you 2-4 rads? Not on my watch fam.

- Added higher chance of getting a disease for almost all food items in the world (same examples as above)

All food that you find in the world will have high chance to make you feel sick, and some can even damage your health or reduce your performance (aka making you weaker with -1 strenght or -1 endurance). From now on adventuring won't be a tour. You'll have to prepare or else you'll end up eating shitty food and well, feeling shitty, a way to show some demoralize factor in the game plus making it more balanced as you can find food everywhere. In all this time playing the game actually i don't remember to have bought a single meal, like ever, i don't even remember if i cooked anything at all, as you can find so many packed food that you just don't care. After all since when can human eat raw food without consecuences? oh no you'll feel the pain this time... unless you have a high endurance stat of course. If you are tough you have a strong stomach.

All done for balance purposes. Cooking and visiting the doctor will be a must... unless you don't mind using radaway and being tired all the time. Wait, you said as long as you have radaway you will be fine?


C) Removed rad-away from all leveled loot items in the world.

An item that shouldn't exist imo. Now if you find one, it will be hand-put, so be happy to find those. You can still buy them from vendors though. Did i mentioied it will be more expensive?

D) Gameplay changes:

- Removed the healing ability from most food. You will only heal from food if you have the perk.

- Dry food is thirst provoking, in general will feed you but make you dehydrated. Water will be also require for 90% of the cooking. You'll expend all the water you carry very quickly, that's why...

Required mod (not mandatory but highly recommended): Immersive Canteen

A simple small mod i did while i was working on this mod. It is required imo, but you can consider it an optional module for this mod, but boy without it you'll have to go back and forth to any water pump to fill bottles. Instead while using this mod not only you'll be able to store up to 5 water charges per canteen but also being able to fill it in any water fountain, as it should. Just be sure to put rep_BIS_Food.esp after Immersive_canteen.esp. REMEMBER, IF YOU ARE USING ANY OTHER MODS THAT ALTERS THE WATER, PUT IMMERSIVE CANTEEN AND BIS - FOOD JUST AFTER THOSE.

- Almost 90% food items are rare to find on containers. Most of the food from now on you'll find it hand placed. You get tons of it and as i said most of it will be poisoning anyway. You won't me missing much. You'll have to go hunt boi!

- You won't be able to buy some items and ingredients. I can't remember the last time i bought any food from Polly. Actually it's hard for me to remember to buy any meal at all. Only water because i wanted my character to drink purified water but that's it. Now you'll have to buy from vendors if you want to be healthy. Not necessary but recommended, specially if you are role-playing a BoS soldier or Institute terminator. If you are a raider, any food is as good as anything i guess.

- Some food (specially compacted ones) will add the "Well Fed" effect. This means if you eat one of those meals you won't need to eat anything for half a day or an entire day. These meals are:

- Any institute tube suplement (can be bought at the institute vendor)
- Pemmican (only rations can be bought, you can make pemmican pack)
- Meat bar (you can find them only in military rations)
- Army fruit bars (military rations or dispensers. SOme can be bought but they are rare)

The most effective one is the mighty pemmican: Pemmican - The ultimate survival food

You'll be able to make pemmican with several ingredients, very diverse. This is to keep balance. The pemmican is a powerful food item after all. You'll be still able to buy some from vendors though. If you eat a pemmican ration you won't need to eat for more than a day. You'll still need to drink of course.


Powder packets (ingredients only. If you eat them you won't gain any properties from them. There might be exceptions though):
- Juice packets (Apricot, Blackberry, Lemon, Orange, Peach, Pear, Pineapple, Strawberry)
- Soluble milk
- Bouillon
- Cocoa
- Coffee
- Tea
- Salt
- Sugar
- Spices mix
- Water Purifier
- Soluble soups (Chicken Noodle, Onion & Mushroom, Beefy Onion, Vegetables, Tomato Soup.
- Spaghetti pasta
- White Rice

They are available for sale in vendors but most of these items can be found in accessorie packets, so watch for them in dispensers.

Ready to eat:

General packed:
- Chocolate Bar
- Candy
- Gum
- Crackers
- Biscuits
- Cheese Paste
- Fruit Bar
- Chocolate cookie
- Granola Bars
- Peanut Butter Bars
- Compacted food
- General Main Meals*
- Boyos
- Patty





- Soups: Dirty (or Pure) Waterx1, Soup packetx1
- Advanced soups: Dirty (or Pure) Waterx1, Spices, Bouillon powder, Meat, pasta.

- Cooked meat (Base effects plus rads damage)
(Base Ingredientsx1, Salt packetx1)
IguanaStick - 3
Noodlecup - 2
SquirrelBitsCrispy - 3
SquirrelStick - 2
SteakBloatfly - 7
SteakBloodbug - 8
"Brahmin - 5
"Deathclaw - 6
"Dog - 5
"mirelurk - 8
""queen - 10
""softshell - 6
"molerat - 5
"mutanthound - 5
"radroach - 2
"radscorpion - 5
"radstag - 6
"stingwing - 9
"yaoguai - 7
"angler - 8
"chicken - 4
"gulper - 6
"hermitcrab - 8
"prawn - 5
"rabbit - 3
"wolf - 5
"cavecricket - 7
"gatorclaw - 8
"nukalurk - 6
""queen - 12
"radant - 6
"radgazelle - 5
"radrat - 8



- Coffee
Dirty (or Pure) Waterx1
Coffe packetx1
Sugar Packetx1

- Cappuccino
Dirty Waterx1 (or Pure)
Coffee packetx1
Soluble Milkx1
Sugar Packetx1

- Mocaccino
Dirty Waterx1 (or Pure)
Coffee packetx1
Cocoa packetx1
Sugar Packetx1

- Tea
Dirty (or Pure) Waterx1
Tea Packet
Sugar Packetx1

- Tea Milk
Dirty (or Pure) Waterx1
Tea Packetx1
Soluble Milkx1
Sugar Packetx1

- Chocolate
Dirty (or Pure) Waterx1
Cocoa Packetx1
Sugar Packetx1

- Milk
Dirty (or Pure) Waterx1
Soluble Milkx1
Sugar Packetx1

- Juices (all): Dirty (or Pure) Waterx1, Juice Packetx1

Instant Soups:

Beef Onion Soup
Chicken Soup
Onion Mushroom Soup
Tomato Soup
Vegetable Soup

Edible Food:

- Sweet Rice
Jam (Plum, Blackberry or Strawberry)

- Rice and Meatballs with tomato sauce
Meat Ball
Rice bagDry

- Vegetable Salad

- Mirelurk Salad
Mirelurk Meat


Which meals should have been mass produced and distributed throughout the whole country for the citizens? simple: military rations. They will be everywhere. It's high quality food designed to last. Some of the food can be edible after decades.

Here you have a really nice youtube channel i found a couple months ago:

Steve's Channel - MRE Info

Go show some love because that dude deserves a medal for his service. It was also the source of inspiration for this mod. I was just watching some of his videos and thought "wouldn't be NICE to add some rations to the BoS for that private vibe that is missing in the game?" and in fact...


Brotherhood of Steel:

Let me get this. You don't get paid by joining the mighty Brotherhood of Steel, the future of the mankind, but you also have to buy your food, your guns and ammo from them? Well holy f**k... Those are some nice vertibirds and power armors you got there though.I guess now i know where all the budget is.

- Oh really? sorry i thought you were there, just you know, DOING NOTHING!

- Better...

He won't buy any items from you though. He is a resource. If you want anything from him just step in.

In history it was known that one of the reasons civil people joined the army was not only for giving their hearts and souls to the country but also because they get paid, food and shelter. So that's exactly what you'll get here. Once you get to the Prydwen, you will be granted with a daily ration consistent in:

- One Ration Meal
- One accessory packet (milk, sugar, salt, water purification packets, etc)
- One Cracker pack (4 crackers)
- One water purified.

Only one of each though to keep some balance. You can still buy food from dispensers, at base price, their goal is to provide food but also being auto-sustainable, not for getting profit from it. It is a service as it should. Also, once you get your personal bedroom, you will also get a nice personal ration dispenser which will give you a special box ration with a lot of items inside. You won't be alone anymore private!

Just look at this dude. Look how happy he is. He looks just ready to throw himself into a beach filled with turrets, mirelurk queens and deathclaws. Awesome!

BoS rations:

RECON OPERATION MEALS (Must be cooked to reduce rad damage):
R-Meal1 - Mirelurk Salad
R-Meal2 - Vegetarian Salad
R-Meal3 - Brahmin Stew
R-Meal4 - Chicken Stew
R-Meal5 - Yao Guay and Tomato Stew

ASSAULT MEALS (MRE or Meal Ready to Eat, low rad damage but no cooking recommended):
A-Meal1 - Yao Guai and Tomato Sauce
A-Meal2 -Mirelurk Egg Salad
A-Meal3 - Chicken Stew and Tomato Sauce
A-Meal4 - Brahmin Meatballs and Mashed Tatoes


You won't get a free meal, for a simple reason: They are too damn good! really, we are talking about high tech food that not only keeps you fed but also improves your performance.

Processed Food Tubes (no radiation, no thirst provoking):

Fruit Mix

Multivitamin Suplements and statistics:

VITAMIN C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12


EF: STR+5, DMG RES +10

EF: AGI+5, PER+5, +25% crit

EF: PER+5, INT+5


Choose the best for your build! Sorry, no more suplement 77.

Vault Civil Rations:

C-Meal - Chicken Pesto Pasta
C-Meal - Veggie Burger in BBQ Sauce
C-Meal -  Beef Stroganoff
C-Meal -  Beef Stew
C-Meal -  BBQ Chicken
C-Meal -  Chicken Noodle Stew
C-Meal -  Vegetarian Chili
C-Meal -  Jambalaya with Shrimp and Ham
C-Meal -  Chicken Fajita

Accessory Packets - Type I and II


Theae rations were produced just months before the great war. It was an innovation, as they were capable of being cooked by just filling in the bag with water due to its flameless heater technology.

On consumption, a small menu appears:

Filling the bag with dirty or purified water will result in a cooked food ready for consumption:

If you eat the meal without water it will be thirst provoking but also the radiation damage will be higher. Did i mentioned water was going to be key for this mod? The BoS meal bags also have this tech, retrieved from the past.

Main Meal 1 - Turkey with Gravy
Main Meal 2 - Beef Stew
Main Meal 3 - Beef in BBQ Sauce
Main Meal 6 - Meatballs in Marinara Sauce
Main Meal 7 - Beef and Sauce

Meal Combat Individual (MCI)

Not a big fan of these rations, as being older than the bag ones, they are canned food that couldn't last long. 200 year old canned food will not be good for your health, but they will keep you alive. they are abundant and they are cheap, so cheap they won't cost you a single cap, as you will often find them carried by, you can guess, gunners, in military silos, checkpoints and bunkers in the form of dispensers (explained further).

Beefsteak Canned
Turkey Loaf
Ham and Eggs Chopped
Beans with Frankfurter Chunks in Tomato Sauce
Ham and Lima Beans
Beef Slices with Potatoes in Gravy
Ham with Water added, Canned, Sliced and Cooked
Chicken and Noodles in Broth
Pork Slices in Juices

Bread Unit I (B1)
5 Crackers and 2 Chocolate Discs -- Peanut Butter Spread.

Bread Unit II (B2)
3 Biscuits and fudge disc -- Cheese Spread

Bread Unit III (B3)
2 Cookies and a packet of Cocoa powder -- Jam Spread

Desserts Units (Dn°)
D1 Halved Apricots
D2 Sliced Peaches
D3 Apple sauce
D4 Fruitcake
D5 Pound Cake
D6 White Bread

Other misc objects added:

- Matches
- Toilet paper
- Can Opener
- Plastic Spoon
- Tin Key
- Condom
- Bandages
- Napkin

No utility, just added for immersive purposes.



Imagine you go to a vault to save yourself and your family from an atomic war. Cool right? well what about the food? There won't be any ground to plant and start over so the only options is to reserve food prepared to last... for a long time.

Two types of dispensers:
- Candy dispensers
- Food dispensers

There will be also regular dispensers outside vaults of course. Some will be updated so you can pay with caps, others will be old so they will require Pre-War money. If you activate a dispenser having enough caps but aren't able to buy it's probably because you are short of cash... old world cash.

2) BoS dispensers

2 types:
- Food dispensers (containing of curse packed food and also rations)
- Daily ration dispenser: Once a day you'll be able to retrieve a ration for free. Go get them tiger.

3) Army Ration Dispensers

One type: Ration meals. They are pre-war, so you can only buy stuff using pre-war money. There are also Candy dispensers but those are regular civil dispensers but their functionality is the same.


Do you expect me to call my mod "IMMERSIVE" by adding a dispenser in any location at plain sight and containing still intact food? Well, no. Here you have a short list of locations with dispensers:

Regular cap dispensers
- Diamond City (Dugout diner outside, one for candy and other for food)
- Goodneighbor (One big on the Third Trail and the Hotel Rexford)
- Vault 81 (2 big ones, one in each area, one close to the school room)
- Prydwen (big one just at the side of officer mess)

Pre-war dispensers
- Mass Bay medical center (one small candy dispenser in the main hall, just an excuse to put a working old vending machine)
- One old military dispenser at the recon bunker Theta (were Paladin Brandis is)
- One military at the South Boston checkpoint (the one with the annoying transmitter)
- Gunner's dispenser in most of the gunner's locations: Vault 75, Bradberton overpass, Gunner's Plaza (obvious), Hub City Auto Wreckers.


If you want to see and test all the items in this mod use the following command: coc reptest

A little room i did for testing purposes. COntains all the food items and the dispensers.

Also note to make this mod fully working you have to create a merged/batched patch. Also if for some reasons the tags on the plugin are gone, do this in wrye Bash:

Just check if those tags are there. If not, add them.

My mod not only adds new stuff to leveled lists but also adds its own leveled lists plus alters existing ones. Not doing this means not all the changes done will reflect in your game. Just right click on that right corner and select both tags for my plugin and then right click in the BashedPatch.esp and select "rebuild".

I won't reply to anyone complaining about not getting any of the new items from looting or vendors or something like that. This mod took me 3 months to build as intended. The least you can do is to read the description before complaining.

Last note

I'm spanish talker. That means you will probably find tons of gramma errors. I apologize beforehand.

Recommended mods:

Campsite - Simple Wasteland Camping- You just do a fire in the middle of the forest, boil some water and make a nice coffee for those crackers you've been saving. How comfy does that sound?

Agony - COMPATIBILITY PATCH ADDED!!! they were compatible actually but with the patch i made you'll be able to get some bandages from some specific rations. I also altered the Agony lists so you don't get the items so easily. I also changed the model for the bandages so they use my model instead. Check the pics (last three) for details.

Ver. 1.1 - Fixed a minor issue where you could get regular Agony bandages plus old BIS-Food bandages (junk item).
Ver. 1.2 - Fixed some inconsistencies with the leveled items you find (having more chance to find stuff in bodies rather than doctors or people selling medic stuff). Also added mandatory items to at least vault 81 and far harbor doctors (bandages, anodyne, anti-parasite, energy pills, etc). You won't notice much if you play with a vanilla loot system, but i'm running an hardcore game with half the loot you can find and damn it was too hard to find bandages and anti-parasite pills so if you are like me you'll be pleased.
Ver. 1.3 - Fixing some balanced leveled lists (some rare litems were at 1 count when they should have been at 10, the reason why you didn't get much rare stuff). Uninstall previous patch and install this one, "no" to update, "yes" to overwrite.
Ver. 1.4 - Fixed the BoS daily ration dispenser where if you skipped your ration for a day you will no longer get a daily ration. "No" to update, "Yes" to overwrite files. use the following command if you already got the bug:
setstage rep_BoSRatonq 0


Not compatible with any mods that alters the prydwen significantly (check the screenshots, my mod adds a big vending machine just at the side of mess officer and another smaller dispenser on one of the walls). My mod also alter bunker hill to add two dospensers, same with diamond city (dugout inn dining area), goodneighbor (third trial and hotel rexford) and vault 81 (one big dispenser in the first area and two on the second area, a smaller candy dispenser and a big dispenser), Gunner's plaza and other gunners locations mentioned earlier in the "Dispenser's location" section.


To user Rambosturkey
for reporting bugs
To user Kallisto967 for reporting bugs

That's it. Happy gaming!