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James Bethel

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I took whatever perks, spells, magic effects & enchantments I could find in-game and made them into a switchable option added to clothing, armor and/or, most weapons.

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List of probably all the attachable cheats to either armor, clothing and/or, a particular weapon.  A more detailed list of all effects this plugin affects is including with it and is in the details sections.  And a few other things are included.

ARMOR CHEATS : No Falling Damage, No Limb Damage, Visibility (stealth boy like; moving while sneaking; totally invisibility), Slow Time, Critical Damage Increase, Critical Chance Increase, Absorb Damage Chance, Reflect Damage Chance, Disarm Attacker Chance, SPECIAL Increase (1, 3, 5, 8, 15, 30, 50 & 100), Radiation Immunity, Poison Immunity, Movement Speed Increase, Recon Sensors, Nightvision (normal & without sneaking), Jet Pack (w/o AP costs & more powerful), Water Breathing, Tesla Fields (in combat or always on; normal, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x & 5x), Jumping (1x, 3x, 5x, 8x & 10x), Detect Friend {purple, blue, pulsing green & white}, Detect Foe {red, white, orange & pulsing purple}, Detect Corpse {pulsing yellow, yellow, 2x pink mist (one = looting @ 25caps) & green}, Reduced Explosives' Damage, VATS Accuracy Increase, Resistances {Poison, Fire, Frost [Cyro], Shock}, Regenerations {Health, APs, Rads, Limbs [Condition]}, Boosts {APs, Health, Carry Weight, Damage Resistances [physical, energy & radiation]}, Safecracker, Invulnerability, Stabilized Aiming, Better {Sneaker, Basher, Blitzer, Penetrator, Sniper, Lighter Armor, Explosion Damage Increase, Blast Radius Increase, Grenade Trajectory, Experience Increase, Cold Fusion (PA only), Explosive Vent (PA only), Hydraulic Bracers (PA only), Unencumbered, Reloader (Fast, Faster, Blinding & Warped), Immunities {Acid, Fire, Cyro [Frost], Laser & Electrical}, Weapons' Speed Multiplier, Weapons' Damages, Weapons' Ranges.

RANGED WEAPONS' CHEATS (excluding flare gun & thirst zapper) : Perfect Shot, Bullet (slows) Time, Convert Ammunition, Automatic Receiver, Unlimited (never-ending) Ammo, Override Projectile, Multiple Shots, Shooting Speed Increase, No Recoil, Damage Increase, Range Increase, Armor Penetration, Critical Damage Increase, VATS Cost Reduction, Lighter Weapon, Disintegration, Legendary Bullets, Bloody Mess.

MELEE WEAPONS' CHEATS (exclusively Knuckles, Combat Knife & Chinese Officer Sword) : Damage Increase, Bleeding Damage, Fire Damage, Frost Damage, Electric Damage, Armor Penetration, Stunning, Home Run, Lighter Weapon, VATS Cost Reduction, Stagger, Disarm, Bloody Mess.

Black retextured 10mm Pistols, Vaultsuits & Pip-boy.
Mirrored Sunglasses; doesn't affect Patrolman Sunglasses.
Alternate Ripper & Chinese Officer Sword (messed up; looks black & silver striped).