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This mod was originally created to change others' mods because they either didn't work at all or caused the exact opposite effect than what they were created for and, I basically took whatever perks, spells, magic effects & enchantments I could and made them into a switchable option added to either clothing, armor & most weapons.

Permissions and credits
Check your installed mods against this one for conflicts; I do a lot with this one mod.

1}    I changed their Sneaker, Commando, Rifleman, Adamantium Skeleton, Pain Train, Ricochet perks.  I made Fortune Finder's "cap explosion" (sort of a cap stash) to be on the -big- side, so around 100 each time instead of around 20; it also
affected the "cap stash" as well.

6}    I increased Institute weapon damage. I made scrapping institute miscellaneous items better.  I made a Synth Component have circuitry, nuclear material, gold, screw, copper, crystal, fiberglass & ceramic.

7}    I made two built-in suppressor barrels, one for a 10mm Pistol and the other for a Combat Rifle.  I made a .44 receiver conversion for the 10mm Pistol. I made a .45-70 receiver conversion for the combat rifle.  I made a 10mm Recon ScopeX.

8}    I made power lines are 3 times longer.

9}    I caused faster Stimpaks.

10}    I removed their load screen animations as it robs processing power.

11}    I overwrote many containers and incorporated new Shipments.

12}    I've eliminated certain effects that happen upon death, or 'death effects'.

13}    I overwrote many vendors' shipment options to include more of them.  Overwrote many other lists with additional lists embedded; more weapons, more caps, more ammo, legendaries, etc.  I added all their NukaWorld colas to a leveled list (LVLI) used by many things like Coolers & Boss Trunks.  I added Nuka-Orange & Nuka-Grape to Nuka-Cola Machines and made it 1 out of 4 (25%) versus their 1 out of 5 (20%) for them showing up at random in a machine.

14}    I made all terminals' display speeds at 30x normal.

15}    I increased the workshop generators to 5, 9 & 13 respectively; I also increased the first two workshop watering sources to 5 & 15.  I increased the power radiating from the game's power conduit connectors including making the small power pylon radiate at twice the normal amount.

16}    I increased value of the basic workshop foods (flora; ALCH), also increased the value default of 6 to 10 for Settlers harvesting & defense but, it doesn't hook up.  There must be another variable overwriting it.  I found [multiResourceProduction] variable showing 6, but I cannot locate that within the game...  I found a [Workshop...? another variable that wasn't an AVIF or GMST].  I cannot get this to work properly.

17}    I made a PowerBar concentrated food bar and a SweetWater vitamin drink.  I added a "Mutt Stew" to recipe soups.  I added Synthetic Spaghetti & Synthetic Steak

18}    I made Cheating Combat Knives; Chinese Officer Swords & Knuckles for now; I made by overwriting their Military Fatigues lightweight, cushioned, muffled, strengthened, radiation resistant black Tactical Clothing plus reduced sprinting costs.  I caused the tactical clothing to have a beefier male body.

19}    I fixed a bug with Giddyup Buttercup Toy Parts so they cannot be scrapped.

20}    I fixed a bug with the Relay Dish using a Sensor Module; it never did and now it does.

21}    I fixed or added a bunch of extra meat categories.

22}    I made three Cheating Rings for miscellaneous Cheating Conversions.

23}    I overwrote Valentine's Robco Fun Magazine so it quit respawning; it's fixed.

24}    I 'beefed up' their Minutemen.

25}    I added certain bandanas certain NPCs.

26}    I fixed Medic perk & Medicine bobbleheads to include Robot Repair Kits.

ARMOR CONVERSIONS : No Falling Damage, No Limb Damage, Visibility (stealth boy like; moving while sneaking; totally invisibility), Slow Time, Critical Damage Increase, Critical Chance Increase, Absorb Damage Chance, Reflect Damage Chance, Disarm Attacker Chance, SPECIAL Increase (1, 3, 5, 8, 15 & 30), Radiation Immunity, Poison Immunity, Movement Speed Increase, Recon Sensors, Nightvision, Jet Pack (w/o AP costs & more powerful), Water Breathing, Tesla Fields (normal, 1x, 2x, 3x & 5x), Jumping (1x, 3x, 5x, 8x & 10x), Detect Friend {purple, blue, pulsing green & white}, Detect Foe {red, white & pulsing purple}, Detect Corpse {pulsing yellow, yellow, 2x pink mist (one = looting @ 25caps) & green}, Reduced Explosives' Damage, VATS Accuracy Increase, Resistances {Poison, Fire, Frost [Cyro], Shock}, Regenerations {Health, APs, Rads, Limbs [Condition]}, Boosts {APs, Health, Carry Weight, Damage Resistances [physical, energy & radiation]}, Safecracker, Invulnerability, Better {Sneaker, Basher, Blitzer, Penetrator, Sniper (doesn't work in PA)}, Lighter Armor, Explosion Damage Increase, Blast Radius Increase, Grenade Trajectory, Experience Increase, Cold Fusion (PA only), Explosive Vent (PA only), Hydraulic Bracers (PA only), Unencumbered, Reloader (Fast, Faster, Blinding & Warped), Immunities {Acid, Fire, Cyro [Frost], Laser & Electrical}.

RANGED WEAPONS' CONVERSIONS (excluding flare gun & thrist zapper) : Perfect Shot, Bullet (slows) Time, Convert Ammunition, Automatic Receiver, Unlimited (never-ending) Ammo, Override Projectile, Multiple Shots, Shooting Speed Increase, No Recoil, Damage Increase, Range Increase, Armor Penetration, Critical Damage Increase, VATS Cost Reduction, Lighter Weapon, Disintegration.

MELEE WEAPONS' CONVERSIONS (exclusively Knuckles, Combat Knife & Chinese Officer Sword) : Damage Increase, Bleeding Damage, Fire Damage, Frost Damage, Electric Damage, Armor Penetration, Stunning, Home Run, Lighter Weapon, VATS Cost Reduction.