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This mod replaces the 10mm pistol with Glock 20, with new sounds and animations. Standalone version is optional.

Permissions and credits
Glock 20 Weapon Replacement
And Standalone

2.0.0 Update:

Included custom 3rd person power armor animations


This mod adds replaces the 10mm pistol with Glock 20. Complete with custom sounds, and animations!

For the standalone version: You can find it at gunners and vendors past level 5. You can also add it via console commands, tho I don't recommend that, breaks the immersion! ;)
If you would still like to do that just type:
"help Glock 0"
You should get a response that's something like this:
WEAP: (49000F99) 'Glock 20'
after that you type the value you got in the brackets 
(NOTE: yours will be diffrent than this one)
player.additem 49000f99 1

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Extract the content of the archive to the Fallout 4 data folder located in your steam install directory for example: 
"C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data"


Delete the "Glock20" folder located in your Materials, Meshes, Textures and Sounds folders in your Fallout 4 install directory.


Models, Textures and Animations made by Zgabuterimon.
Thanks to WarDaddy, and ha_ru for animating tips!
Leveled List Injection Toolbox by a_blind_man
Sounds by: Navaro