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Another goody from TERA Online with custom color swaps to match Easter. We have a Sexy Nurse Uniform complete with Syringes... but not the used needles. Happy Easter Everyone!

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Yep... it is another Nurse Outfit.  Yep... it is also from TERA Online.

This lovely Nurse Unifrom from TERA Online is tight and sexy without being very revealing at all.

What is not shown in these pictures is that this Outfit has 3 Main Color Changes courtesy of kky.  White, Pink, and Blue... BECAUSE EASTER (even if it was actually coincidental)!!!

I bring to you "TERA Nurse Uniform"!

The beautiful Sianna and Kristin are modeling these Outfits, here are there presets if you would like to check them out.  Sianna -> Click Me!  Kristin -> Click Me!

The lovely Jola (Pink/Purple Hair) is also modeling these Outfits, here is her preset if you would like to check it out.  Jola -> Click Me!

Vinovat's gorgeous character's preset is not released yet, however, plans for it to be released in the future are set for an unknown date.

This Outfit is a total of 5 parts.  All of these parts are Modular and can be swapped between other Outfit Parts (Vanilla, DLC, Mods) that do not share the same Slot Number.

TERA Nurse Uniform* - Takes up Both Arms and the Torso Under Armor Slots when worn. Requires 6 Adhesive, 10 Leather, 8 Plastic, and 18 Cloth to craft. Weighs 2 Lbs.

TERA Nurse Heels and Stockings* - Takes up the Body Slot (33) and Both Legs Under Armor when worn.  Requires 4 Adhesive, 4 Leather, 6 Rubber, and 8 Cloth to craft. Weighs 2 Lbs.

TERA Nurse Pantsu* - Takes up Unnamed Slot 54 when worn.  Requires 2 Leather and 6 Cloth to craft.  Weighs 1 Lb.

TERA Nurse Cap - Takes up the Headband Slot (46) when worn.  Requires 2 Plastic and 4 Cloth to craft.  Weighs 1 Lb.

TERA Nurse Leg Strap - Takes up Unnamed Slot 58 when worn.  Requires 4 Adhesive, 6 Leather, and 14 Plastic to craft.  Weighs 1 Lb.

* - This marks anything that you will want to craft to your own Body in BodySlide if you choose to.

Do to ongoing "I turn invisible" complains from certain people that are not familiar with BodySlide, I will be adding in Standard (Non-Physics) CBBE Outfit Meshes with the Main File.

You can add Ballistic Weave to the Nurse Uniform, and the Legendary AP has been added to all 5 Pieces.

You can change the Color of everythign except the Pantsu at any Armor Workbench.

  The Uniform has two additional Color changes with Pink Patterned and Blue Patterned as well as the three listed above.

This Outfit works off of a single ESP or ESL File and will switch between Physics/Non-Physics when they are built in BodySlide (if you have both).

You might run into some minor bone weighting issues especially with extremely bendy or flexible poses.  Most all clipping has been removed from these Outfits.

The Leg Strap is set to a very specific size due to me not wanting to warp the syringes horribly in BodySlide with presets.  You will need to mess with these in Outfit Studio if they do not fit your characters legs.  PM me for guidance if you do not know how to do this.

Full Credit for this Outfit and it's concept goes to these Awesome Companies (and person).  Thank You to them and the developers!  I just converted it for use in Fallout 4.

En Masse Entertainment – Child Company of Bluehole Studios, published TERA Online.  For allowing modders to use TERA's assets to be converted to other games as long as is not for profit.

Bluehole Studios - For developing TERA Online, and the Outfits within.  Also for allowing modders to use their assets to be converted to other games as long as it is not for profit.

kky - For all of the retextures.

PS Brushes - For providing patterns that were used in the retextures.  Obligatory Link to their Website

I recommend using NMM to install this, then just activate the ESP.
(Either One of the Two or Both, but if you get Both don't mix and match parts.)

If you do not use NMM then just copy the mods Data folder into the Data Folder of your game and activate the ESP file.NMM Version 0.63.17 can be used for both ESP and ESL Files. 

Please consider using ESL Files if you are running out of mod space in your game.

Bethesda for making Fallout 4
Bethesda for the CK
Bluehole Studios and En Masse Entertainment for bringing us TERA Online
The makers of FO4Edit
ousnius for BodySlide and Outfit Studio, also the Material Editor
Caliente and ousnius for the CBBE Body Base
The makers of NifSkope
The makers of Paint.Net

Shademzu for some of the pictures and word art that you see on this mod page.
kky for some of the pictures that you see on this mod page, as well as the retextures.
Vinvovat for some of the pictures that you see on this mod page.

This Armor was converted by me to FO4 from TERA Online assets to CBBE initially using BodySlide, Outfit Studio, Material Editor, NifSkope, Paint.Net, FO4Edit, and the CK for the ESL File.

This Outfit Contains 1000% Sexy Nurse by volume.

Please enjoy irresponsibly!