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Adds a Standalone Companion and a bunch of weapons found within a custom bunker. Find her due west of Sanctuary Hills. The Bunker is marked on your map.

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  • Russian
NEW: Russian translation of this mod for you Vodka drinking legends: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/32324

Contains a Standalone companion from the YouTube Channel Captainoob. This particular companion is the Institute Mercenary character that I
play as sometimes while testing weapons. Also contains an Institute Bunker which you can use for some R&R. Or you could just rob her blind. Up to you!

Ms. Phoenix will have a modified Institute Laser Gun and Stun Baton on her and will switch weapons dynamically depending on the range of her target. Her Stun Baton has a 50% paralyze chance for 10 seconds, making her quite the Support character in close quarters. She will use it on you if you annoy her, so be warned! You can also access her personal suit of X-01 Power Armour, complete with shiny Institute paint and greatly increased AP regen!

-Modified Institute Laser Gun
-Buffed Stun Baton
-Heavy Laser Cannon (Think Spartan Laser)
-Institute Plasma Pistol
-Clusterbomb Launcher
-.50 Cal Double-Action Revolver
-Synth Teleport Grenades (So you can use them without being friends with
the institute)
-Advanced Pipe Syringer (More on that later)

These weapons are scattered around the Bunker. They're not hard to find.


Phoebe has seen you travelling around the Commonwealth with companions. Ever wanted your companions to have more combat prowess? Well this is the Gadget for you. The Adv. Pipe Syringer will allow you to inject chems via craftable syringes into your companions. You can heal them, make them do more damage, make them more accurate and more! Don't worry about side effects, Phoebe has perfected the formulas.

***Watch Video attached for further details.***

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/c/Captainoob

Thanks for reading