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Makes your game clear and sharp. My take on removing TAA's blur without sacrificing it's benefits.

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This description was taken from the Fallout: New Vegas version. Slight edits were made for clarity


This basically removes blur.

This is a ReShade preset that utilizes only Lumasharpen and an extremely slight amount of Emboss to stress the details of textures (also used some smoothing to fix grass). The difference is slight but obvious to the trained eye. However on this Fallout 4 version the differences aren't nearly as slight. Please see screenshots.

If you can't see the difference, don't download.

Why should I use this?

Well let me answer you by telling you why I use it. I wanted to play Fallout: New Vegas again after spending some time in Fallout 4. I heavily modded my Fallout: New Vegas and decided I wanted to make it look as good as possible without using ENB. After extensive modding I finally got the game looking pretty good, but I noticed I had trouble actually focusing on anything in the distance. So I created this. 

I get a headache from trying to play Fallout 4 too long due to it's blurriness caused by TAA. This ReShade fixes the problem like most injectors used by the community do but uses emboss as well which I think makes textures pop close and at a distance.

How is this even a mod?

I have no shame admitting that this took very little effort to make. It simply utilizes a method I used in Borderlands 2 to add detail to the game. The reason I posted this is because I know a lot of people have no desire to tinker with ReShade and aren't the best mods the most deviously simple?

I consider this a fix. It's like putting on glasses for me. 

I cant tell the difference between the screenshots

This is a good indicator that you shouldn't use the mod. This is nothing wrong with your computer or your eyes, people just have different tastes in the way they like to experience their games. If this isn't a big enough change, don't use it.

Performance cost?

This is fine. You'll be fine. Just install


0. Download the file, baby
1. Copy all of the contents from my file into your Fallout 4 root folder (next to your .exe's)
2. Run the game
3. Revel at slight differences