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Makes cats indestructible

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I have a thing about depictions of cat death. I can't stand to see housecats die, in anything. Skyrim's saber cats or other big cats, I can deal with just fine. Dogs, I can deal with. But housecats? When I read Edgar Allen Poe's The Black Cat in high school, I completely broke down sobbing in the middle of class. I'm not even joking.

So, I made this file for my own peace of mind. And now that the CK's released, I've remade it form the ground up! These are the changes that the mod now makes:

  • Cats gain invulnerability by way of the Child flag now. This will not conflict with mods that make children killable, as those mods just remove the Child flag from children.
  • All cats which are found dead in the vanilla game have been brought back to life!
  • Cats now have their own Faction. The Robot, Turret and Ghoul Factions are all friends to cats. This prevents chaos in the specific locations that dead cats were previously found.

The main file has support for Wasteland Workshop built in, extending those protections to Wasteland Workshop cats, and hiding the cat taxidermy thing from the Settlement menu. Use the "No Wasteland Workshop" file if you don't have Wasteland Workshop.

To simplify things, I've created a separate file to change the Cat Meat item into Cat Food. You can use it with either file, or on its own, for some reason.

Old Version (pre-2.0) Description:
Basically, I used FO4Edit to make the "CatRace" have 32,767 (the maximum for a signed short) 32,000 Health* and 10,000 HealthRegen. I haven't tested the actual effects of this mod, because I don't have the heart to. But, for all those people who don't want cats to die in your game, this is for you.

I've also changed the name of the "Cat Meat" item to "Cat Food," and changed the model to Canned Dog Food's model. This is a lot easier than
messing around with leveled lists, or whatever they are now, and should be a natural change wherever it comes up.

This mod now also makes all named NPC cats Invulnerable, Essential, and Unique, thanks to the efforts of user Edgarhighmen.

*For version 1.4, I took the 767 off of the health increase to prevent a rare bug whereby Health Regen would cause all cats to gain "bonus" hitpoints. Due to their having the maximum allowable number of hitpoints, this would cause them to flip over into negative values. Removing the 767 hitpoints seems to allow enough of a "buffer" for this not to happen.