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Wipes out ammo, chems, and healing items from vendor inventories, and vastly increases the rarity of decent weapons. If you want supplies, you'll have to scavenge or kill for them.

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Make your shots count.

This mod consists of an item overhaul to vastly increase the rarity of key supplies like weapons, ammunition, chems, and healing items. If you're looking for more of a ragged wasteland feel while still retaining most of the vanilla mechanics, this is for you. None of the core mechanics are changed, and no items placed in the world were touched. Everything is entirely rebalanced with edits to levelled lists.

The goal was to push the experience back out into the wasteland- no more returning to settlements to stock up on an endless supply of ammo and health. Stores will continue to stock many other amenities, but you won't be able to rely on them to keep you supplied with your combat essentials. For that, you'll need to venture out into the wastes, and scavenge, craft, or raid for supplies.

This also rebalances the way merchants work pretty significantly. You'll no longer be able to find a healthy mix of general supplies at most merchants- while they may occasionally stock a weapon or some ammo, typically you'll need to find a weapons dealer to get ammunition, or a doctor to buy medical supplies.

- Virtually eliminates the ammunition and health items you'll find in containers. Expect to find only a few bullets at a time.
- Reduces the amount of ammo and health items carried by enemies to just a handful.
- Vastly reduces the amount of weapons, ammunition, and health items you'll find at vendors, especially for generic/junk merchants.
- Restricts supply types to their respective merchant types. General merchants will often not have weapons, ammo or health items available at all. You'll need to find a weapons dealer to buy weapons and ammo, or a doctor to buy medical supplies and chems.
- Significantly increases the rarity of uncommon weapons and ammunition such as plasma weapons, missiles, and the gauss rifle / Fat Man.
- Makes grenades much less common for both enemies and vendors. Molotovs are still fairly common, as they are cheaply hand-made.
- Fusion cores are exceedingly rare, and almost never found for sale by merchants of any kind.

Q: So just how rare is ammo / healing items?
A: Pretty rare. Containers will usually only have a bullet or two, if any. Same for enemies. General vendors may have a handful of bullets, if you're lucky. Weapon merchants will stock a few different ammo types, but they will only keep a few dozen rounds of any kind at most. Doctors will only stock 2 or 3 stimpacks or chems at a time, and most other merchants won't have them at all.

Q: What about weapons?
A: Vendors will sell far fewer weapons, especially guns. Exotic weapons such as laser / plasma guns are very rare, pretty much only sold by specialized weapons merchants. Ordinary melee weapons are still common, but powerful melee weapons such as super-sledge's and power fists are very rare.

Q: How hard does this make the game?
A: Honestly, not significantly harder. Enemies will still be your primary source of good weapons and supplies, just like they are in vanilla. And there's still a good amount of supplies placed throughout the world, you just have to go hunting for them. All this does is curb the "extra help" you get from having steady supplies of health and ammo falling out of every container and merchant you come across. Early levels might be a bit tough, but I found the extra challenge of having to resort to melee weapons and carefully consider each encounter (even more so than vanilla Survival mode) quite rewarding.

Q: Is there support for Far Harbor/Nuka World?
A: Not specifically, but changes do carry over into those areas. The end result is that area-specific items like Lever Gun ammo in Far Harbor and 7.62x39 in Nuka World are abundant, but generic items are very rare, which kind of makes sense. Containers are still pretty sparse, since they use generic leveled lists. I may consider making DLC-specific patches.

Q: Does this include any crafting mechanics?
A: No. All this mod does is re-balance leveled lists. If you want to be able to craft ammo, there are plenty of mods available, but I would caution against it if you're looking to maintain the 'spirit' of this mod. It becomes too easy to craft huge amounts of ammo, and that's just not really the point!

Q: How does this work with other survival mods?
A: This mod is specifically designed to work with largely vanilla mechanics, but I'm sure it would pair nicely with other survival-focused mods that increase related mechanics like damage, crafting, and status effects. I would not recommend using it with other mods that make significant changes to the rarity of items, though.

Q: What's the recommended play-style for this mod?
A: Ideally, this is best played on Survival mode, where all of the mechanics will come together naturally. It might also be worth trying with a damage modifier that makes bullets more lethal, though I haven't found that strictly necessary. Enemies are generally not too bullet-spongey on Survival mode until much later in the game, but by then you'll have the resources to keep yourself well-stocked.