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Re-Engineering the Excellent RU556 into something different...

Permissions and credits
Hello there, Nexus Community.

So here we are with another re-edit. I have been given permission by Nexus Modder FX0x01 who created the excellent RU556 Weapon Mod and arguably the best damn Assault Rifle mod on the Nexus! With his blessing, he has allowed me to re-upload a different version of his mod. The version is the MKR-34 Pulse Rifle. It is a bridge between a Ballistic Energy Rifle of sorts along the lines of advanced Gauss Technology. Incoming BS Weapon Lore is as follows:

The MKR-34 or Modular Kinetic Rifle 34, is an experiemental, lightweight Single-Stage Ferromagnetic coilgun, which utilizes an Electromechanical Relay that is energized through Electro-Kinetic Induction in a semi-automatic configuration. The MKR-34 can also be modified to use a multi-stage configuration to allow for automatic fire. Both configurations utilize a High Capacity Super-Phase Electron Recyclic Conductor that delivers the E.C.R. muniton. The E.C.R. munition or Electron Charge Round, is designed to deliver up to 850,000 volts of Electro-Thermal Energy in addition to creating centralized Kinetic Impluse with an impact force of up to 250,000 Joules. The resulting effect, is a munition capable of causing severe Physical Trauma, Electro-Endothermic Damage and Incendiary Trauma to the target, dispersing its Electrokinetic payload throughout the target ensuring maximum effect. 

The MKR-34 is ideal against armored targets and with its high capacity Electron Phase Magazine configurations, is capable with enabling the operator to combat against multiple threats. As the 34th version in the MKR Prototype Phase Induction Line, it is the most complete and battle ready platform. 

**IMPORTANT** You MUST have FX0x01's RU556 Mod in order for this to work! 

ALL Credits go to FX0x01 for his excellent work and creativity for the RU556 Mod and for his Permissions. Thank you! And keep up the Excellent Work! Make sure you Endorse HIS mod and give him Kudos before you even THINK about endorsing this mod at all! If you endorse this mod without endorsing his first, I will send a pack of Angry Feral Ghouls to your house! 

**NOTE** For best experience a few recommendations:
    Reduced Energy Recoil To take adavantage of the MKR-34's accuracy tweaks.
    Blue Digital Camo option for RU556's Materials if you want that kinda blue furturistic look.

 Neither recommendations are required, to use this mod though.