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Last updated at 6:24, 20 Nov 2015 Uploaded at 2:33, 13 Nov 2015

UPDATE 11/19/15

This mod is now NMM compatible!  A scripted installer will guide you through the process.  Just choose the options you want.

Note that to change options, you have to fully uninstall the mod and reinstall, rather than just toggling activation.

Easier Hacking with Options - Easy Lockpick - Guaranteed Pickpocket

This is a 3-part mod that allows the user to download and configure the Hacking/Lockpick/Pickpocket minigames within Fallout 4.  The main options present are within the Hacking download, which allows the user to select the number of maximum words present on the screen during terminal hacking.  The lockpick and pickpocket options make it impossible to fail the related minigames. 

Check out this great video by DirtyWeasel for an overview of the mod.

UPDATE 11/12/15

Now includes Easy Lockpick and Guaranteed Pickpocket as extra downloads!

-New!-  Easy Lockpick makes any position of the bobby pin work for lockpicking  (Still need the required perks!)

-New!-  Guaranteed Pickpocket makes the pickpocket chance for any item 100%

Easier Hacking with Options - Easy Lockpick - Guaranteed Pickpocket

This is a very simple mod that changes the maximum number of words that show up when in the hacking minigame. 

The 1 word option only displays a single word on the hacking screen (i.e. you're guaranteed to get it right).

The other options are 3, 5, 8, and 10 maximum words.

For reference, the default game has a maximum number of 15 words.


1. Unzip your preferred .esp from the downloaded file into Fallout4/Data/

2.  In %Appdata%/local/Fallout4 edit plugins.txt (Most likely C:/Users/--user--/AppData/Local/Fallout4) - AppData is a hidden folder!

Add the filename (including .esp) of the esp you added to /Data/ to the end of the plugins.txt file as a new line!!  Save the file, and set as read-only if you are experiencing issues.  (The ini change below in step 3 should mean that you don't have to set this as read-only)

# This file is used by Fallout4 to keep track of your downloaded content.
# Please do not modify this file.
Easier Hacking - 1 Word.esp

3. Edit Fallout4Prefs.ini in ~MyDocuments/My Games/Fallout 4 

Add bEnableFileSelection=1 to the [Launcher] section at the bottom.

4.  Launch the game!

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