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This is my take on Homeplate - the player home you can purchase in Diamond City.

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This is my own personal version of Homeplate (as well as my first ever mod, so please be gentle if I get a few things wrong! - Not to mention the fact that I'm not entirely sure how to even upload mods!).

Please read the 'Requirements' tag for a list of required mods in order to get the full experience, as it were. That said, not all the mods are compulsory; I'm well aware that not everyone uses the same mods. Just be aware that if you don't have all the mods listed, there will be items missing - not anything game-breaking, however.

Also be advised that I do make use of Creation Club assets. These are NOT in any way necessary for this mod to work. There may be a missing rug or two, which you can easily replace with whatever you like.

N.B. The 'Better Stores' mod is no longer available on the Nexus. I have a few neon signs in the build, but these can easily be replaced by utilising the neon letters from Wasteland Workshop. I believe that there is a version of the mod available on Bethesda.net


The original floor is poking up - please use my file in the optional section where I went into the Creation Kit and deleted certain items that would conflict with my build.

The workbench may appear in the middle of the bar if you've already purchased Homeplate and entered the cell before. To fix this, please use a mod like Place Everywhere by TheLich:


I did try to move the workbench in the CK but, for whatever reason, when I tested it in-game it still wanted to appear in the original place. I'm not really sure why - if anyone can help, please let me know.


Home Plate - Mechanist Lair - Full Workbenches

Better Workbench with Auto Storage (I use this mod for the retexture it provides for settlement workbenches)

SPECIAL THANKS to all those amazing mod authors out there who make it so much fun to build and decorate settlements - honestly it's the main reason I still play Fallout 4.

Also please check out the vid in the video category for a better visual representation of how I envisioned the mod.