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This mod makes the "Open Season" quest more interesting by allowing you to invade Nuka-World with the minutemen

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This mod allows you to finish the quest "Open Season" by using the minutemen to eliminate all the gangs in Nuka World

• As the general of the minutemen, you can call your minutemen army to take over nuka world
• Improved AI Packages for the raiders. Once the fighting starts, all the raiders will start coming out of their lair to join the fight in the streets(Including their leaders).
• You can set the gangs against each other by assassinating one of the leaders.
• Once the battle is over, the surviving minutemen will stay in Nuka World

How to start:
Once the quest "Open Season" starts, you will receive a "---Minutemen Radio---" found in your misc tab. You can use it to summon the minutemen and issue commands
Note: You have to start "Open Season" by talking to Mackenzie or Preston Garvey to receive the Minutemen Radio.

Order: Call Minutemen = You can summon and select how many minutemen you want to take over the place. Once you called them, you may have to wait for 1-3 days before they arrive. You can't issue any command if they haven't arrived in Nuka World yet

Order: Attack = The minutemen will storm Nuka World from the main gate

Order: Prepare To Attack = The minutemen will be on standby, but will immediately attack Nuka World once you kill a gang leader

Order: Standby = They will be on standby until you order them to attack. Useful if you let the gangs kill each other first then have the minutemen kill the few surviving raiders

Instead of having all the raiders to come out their base and having all the minutemen attack all at once(resulting in 100+ npcs), I tried to make them fight one at a time.
For example: Each gang can only have about 15 members outside at a time, and everytime one of them dies, they will be replaced by another member waiting inside their base until all of them are killed.
The minutemen can only have 25 minutemen active at a time, and each time one of them dies, another will spawn to replace them, until you run out of minutemen.

I also added an option to make the corpse banish after their death(Doesn't include unique npcs). This will look unimmersive because the corpses will disappear within 5 seconds after they die, but it will help a lot with the performance. You can toggle it on or off using the minutemen radio(Turned On by default)

Obviously you can't loot them once they disappear, but to remedy this, I added a "War Chest" just right behind the second gate(In front of the Cappy's Cafe and below the scaffolding).
Each time a gang member or a minuteman dies, their inventory will be transferred to the War Chest before they disappear. Make sure to loot that after the battle :)

Important Note:
The minutemen that will spawn are just regular minutemen(the ones that will appear when you use your flare gun), so make sure to download a mod that improves the minutemen, otherwise they would be just a bunch of lvl 1 farmers with pipe pistols attacking Nuka World.

Just make sure to place this mod above those minutemen mod. If you don't do that, most likely the minutemen will not appear.

The ones I recommend are   Militarized Minutemen, Buffed Minutemen, Minutemen Overhaul and We Are The Minutemen. There's probably others too but these ones are the ones I've tested personally

I also recommend mods that makes combat harder, so that there's actually a reason for you to call the minutemen for help instead of being a killing machine that could slaughter hundreds of raiders singlehandedly.

If you find issues, bugs or things that I may have overlooked, please let me know. I'm not sure how well it works with other computers.

Hope the lack of design in the description doesn't bother you, I'm too lazy to make it pretty lol