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This I a small mod that makes the Atomcats Garage a bit cleaner and fixed up. Also it fixes Peepers so he does not just die during the gunners attack.

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So, here we are again for another great installment in the clean up project. I have been working hard on a major location but I did not want to just leave you all waiting for more. So I decided to put this one together for you the community. This mod cleans up and repairs several parts of this location. I also fixed Peepers. Every time I cam here in my game play I was always disappointed in the fact that no matter what I did, Peepers would die during the gunners attack. I tried every possible way to keep him alive. In creating this mod I decided to check peepers stats and when I did I found a way to keep him from dying, while not making him immortal. I hope you all like this one.

For those of you who are new to my mods, I am including links to my other mods here: Goodneighbor, Railroad, Far Harbor, Acadia, Nucleus, Vault 118, Far Harbor DLC Combined